Previous 84 Lumber Campaigns

Last year was 84 Lumber’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial . The construction supplies company that “builds American,” used the 90-second ad slot to promote employment. This was meant to go hand-in-hand with the news that 2017 would see a massive expansion of the family-owned company, with 20 new store locations.

Question is, did the 84 Lumber Super Bowl LI commercial have the power to make an impact?

The original 84 Lumber Super Bowl ad was banned by Fox for being too political. So the company went back to the studio and put together a new version. The ad is beautiful and compelling as it tells the tale of a mother and daughter on an ambiguous trip through Mexico…

The first version of the 84 Lumber Super Bowl LI ad contained footage considered too controversial and it was banned from being broadcast.The message was loud and clear: if you’re going to build a wall, 84Lumber will build a door. Watch the full journey, below.