Mini (BMW) Commercial 2016

While their parent company made a big splash last year with their fantastic BMW Super Bowl XLIX ad, the iconic Mini has quietly sat on the sidelines since 2011. This year, they came back with a 30-second, third quarter ad highlighting the brand’s newly-designed Clubman model. What’s more, it was designed to encourage us all to “Defy Labels.”

In the words of Mini, “Those who defy labels, define themselves:”

Before releasing their complete Super Bowl ad on February 1, Mini served up eight great teasers for their 2016 Mini Super Bowl commercial. The teasers starred Abby Wambach, Serena Williams, rapper T-Pain, baseball legend Randy Johnson (aka The Big Unit), Tony Hawk, Harvey Keitel, Michai Stephens and Michael Whinnet.

A Message About Defying Labels

The Mini Super Bowl commercial officially launched a six-month long campaign called “Defy Labels,” that is meant to help the public look past the “small” and “cute” labels with which the Mini is usually associated.

Tom Noble, the Head of Communications at Mini, stated that the celebrities in the ad were selected based on their experience with overcoming similar obstacles and because of a connection with the brand. This will be BMW’s only confirmed ad spot in the Big Game, so we’re confident they will try to make it as big as the Big Game itself.

While the brand may be the smallest, Mini is far from alone in terms of auto advertisers in Super Bowl 50. They’re joined by Acura, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Audi and Buick.

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