“Proudly Made In America”: Watch WeatherTech’s Patriotic Super Bowl 50 Ad

WeatherTech Super Bowl Commercial 2016

Because American workers are the secret of what it means to be American-made

Driving to Levi’s Stadium? Then you might need one of WeatherTech’s all American custom-made car floor mats to add to your driving experience.

But if you’re not so interested in floor mats, then you might like one of the many other products the company promotes in the 30-second WeatherTech Super Bowl ad called “Resources.”

WeatherTech is back in the Super Bowl ad game for its third consecutive appearance, beginning in Super Bowl XLVIII (2014). As usual, the company is using their ad to send one very big and patriotic message. The U.S.-based manufacturer of custom car floor mats uses America’s most talked about sporting event to remind the American public that all WeatherTech products are made in America, by Americans. 

The WeatherTech Super Bowl 50 ad goes for an emotional approach to try and reach the hearts (and pockets) of its consumers. It starts with a powerful narration stating that the number one natural resource in America is not land or water, but rather: the American people. As the narration goes on, we’re taken on a tour through a factory room filled with American workers taking on different roles and preparing what we can only assume to be WeatherTech car floor mats.

Towards the end of their ad spot, we see a factory worker returning home to his son. This is yet another way that WeatherTech drives home the message that they thrive on the concept of “manufacturing in America.”

Support WeatherTech. Support Your Country.

The company’s Game Day ad sheds a spotlight on the many faces of America, and wants us to remember that by supporting WeatherTech, we’re supporting our fellow Americans. (Now, how’s that for patriotism?)

WeatherTech will be joining these other 2016 Super Bowl advertisers during CBS’s Super Bowl broadcast on February 7th. While this ad didn’t make our list of the 11 Best 2016 Super Bowl commercials, it is definitely one to remember.