On the Road Again: Toyota Rocks Out Musical Performance For Prius In SB 50 Ad

2016 Toyota Super Bowl Commercial

And it really makes us feel like a…badass 

And by badass, we mean nerd.

Singing geese, businessmen breaking out in dance and a lady rocking out on a keyboard guitar? Huh? What the heck did we just witness here? (If not some really bad attempt at a Broadway musical performance.)

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what the very entertaining Toyota Super Bowl commercial called “Heck On Wheels,” contains. (We only wish we were kidding. But watch this ad twice, and you, too, will want to embrace your inner geek!)

See for yourself in Toyota’s 2016 Super Bowl commercial. Here’s the extended cut:

The auto brand’s Game Day commercial is meant to play off of their “Comedy of Errors” campaign promoting the all new 2016 edition of the Prius. (And with that kind of rocking performance, they’ve definitely got us hooked for more.)

The Toyota 2016 Super Bowl commercial will air during the third quarter of CBS’s broadcast of the Big Game at Levi’s Stadium. It’s reintroducing the American public to the Prius for the first time since the hybrid’s car appearance in Super Bowl XXXIX (2005).

(If you’re really that curious to see their Super Bowl XXXIX ad, here it is:

What else do they have in store?

The Toyota Super Bowl 50 commercial highlights the Prius’ redesigned and spacious features in a very comedic and entertaining manner, which has sure managed to bring to life the car model that Toyota has been keeping on the sidelines. To really get fans in on all the action, the company is even giving one lucky person’s tweet a chance to appear in their Super Bowl commercial using “a special interactive real-time feature.”  

Just use the hashtag #GoPriusGo! 

Toyota is joining these other auto companies in the race for some ad glory, and is definitely one of the funnier one’s we’ve seen (out of the auto bunch) that have already been released.

Still not interested in dishing out the big bucks on the Prius? It’s okay, we’ll forgive you. But if you’re really looking to get in on all the hype, then here are all the 2016 Super Bowl advertisers in one place.