Run That Extra Mile (Then Drink A Beer)…Michelob Released Their Super Bowl 50 Ad

Michelob Ultra Super Bowl 2016 commercial

Stay fit, stay light, and drink beer. Sounds perfect!

Ready, set, GO! And get ready to breathe.

After an intense workout session at the gym, remember to breathe. And…even those who stay fit can also treat themselves to a nice light beer. Those are the two messages that Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl 50 commercial wants to send to it’s consumers on Super Bowl Sunday. The Big Game advertisers released their complete ad today and it’s clearly aimed at the athletic crowd. 

Watch the Michelob ad here:

What’s it all about?

The Michelob Ultra 2016 Super Bowl commercial was created by ad agency FCB. It emphasizes that those who go the extra mile should be able to enjoy a beer after their workout, without throwing away all those hard hours of training. After all those bench presses, laps, rides and runs, athletes definitely deserve to unwind with a good – and guilt-free – brewsky.

Edison Yu, VP of Michelob Ultra stated that the Michelob Ultra Super Bowl 50 commercial was created to “celebrate those who put in this extra effort” and show them that they can “still make time to have a social life.” (And what is a social life without alcohol?)

The commercial also promotes Michelob’s tagline, “Brewed for Those Who Go the Extra Mile,” and is meant to position “Michelob Ultra as the brand for the fitness-loving beer drinker.” Bottom line: Next time you find yourself working up a sweat, take a chill pill and drink a Michelob Ultra!

A beer ad just in time for kickoff…

After years of sitting on the sidelines, Michelob Ultra is back stronger (and lighter) than ever before. Not only are they joining these other 2016 Super Bowl advertisers in the race for some ad glory – it looks like they even managed to land the BEST spot in the game. That’s right, according to AdWeek, Michelob Ultra landed the coveted A1 ad spot, right after kickoff, when every American is candid, eyes on the screen and still sober. Now, that’s some very big news for a very light beer!

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