14 Must-Have Super Bowl Gadgets For Your Game Day Collection

Gadgets For Game Day - Super Bowl 50

Make Super Bowl 50 truly memorable with these 14 gadgets. You’ll be the envy of all your friends!

February 7th and the kickoff for Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium is less than a month away. You’ve probably been watching excessive amounts of football, prepping for your Super Bowl party or planning where you’ll spend Super Bowl Sunday watching the game. But if you’re really looking to get into the hype this year, may we recommend that you get your hands on one (or a few?) of these must-have gadgets. Truly, your Super Bowl collection won’t be complete without them!

  1. Flat Screen TV

Ok – this isn’t really an unusual gadget, but why not get a new TV just in time for the Big Game? If you can’t make it to Levi’s stadium on February 7, 2016 because you forgot to buy those Super Bowl 50 tickets in advance, don’t bum out about it! You can tune into the game and catch all the ads in high-def on one of LG’s new OLED TVs. Just think, your new TV will last far longer than the Super Bowl game, so if you’re going to shell out thousands of dollars, why not go for the TV rather than a seat at the stadium?

LG Super Bowl Commercial 50 2016

  1. Football Remote

Why get a new TV for the Super Bowl, but not get a new, football-shaped remote? If you really want to feel like you’re in the zone, this remote is a must-have! True, you probably won’t be switching channels come Super Bowl Sunday, but this cool accessory is enough to make your friends envious for sure.

Super bowl gadgets 3

  1. A Beer Pager

Whether you’re at a party or hosting one yourself, you’re bound to misplace that Bud Light team beer can in the crowd. With a Beer Pager, you can track that brewsky down just in time to catch your team’s touchdown!

  1. Beer Froster Fridge

You can’t hold a legit Super Bowl party without this essential item. (Especially if you want to enjoy a nice cold beer in front of that new TV.) Designed to keep your beers on the verge of freezing, you’ll likely have the coldest beer in the neighborhood. (You’ll really be able to taste the wheat in that Shock Top after it sits in this fridge for a bit.)

  1. Football Cocktail Shaker

Want to shake up that Super Bowl party with some delicious cocktails? Here’s a gadget that will mix your drinks and help you get the party started! (Let’s just hope all that shaking won’t cause a huge Game Day mess…)

  1. Grill Sergeant Apron

It doesn’t matter what you say — every game day gathering needs a mastermind chef behind it! And with this all-purpose Sergeant apron, you’ll have all the room you need to store your grilling essentials. You can drink, cook, and still make it back in time to catch the touchdown. (We might even catch you perfecting that touchdown dance while you’re at it…)

  1. WineRack Sports Bra

Ladies, this one’s for you! (Okay, maybe it’s more to please the dudes) Go from a size A cup to a double D in a matter of seconds with this WineRack Sports Bra! Take that bottle of wine or mixed drink wherever you go and look great while you’re at it!

One of these babies will make the bros turn their heads and they’ll definitely be #UpForWhatever the second you step into the room!

  1. Beerbelly Stealth Beverage System

Gents, while you’re over there checking out the ladies, here’s a little something for you. Put on your game suit and a few extra pounds with this Beerbelly Stealth before you head into the Stadium and enjoy some beer on the go. It might be a bit of a turn off the ladies, but at least no one will ever know that you’re carrying some booze.

  1. WeatherTech Floor Mat

Whether you hang it up on the wall, use it as a piece of art, or add it to your extreme workout session, (cuz you’re probably trying to get fit for the Big Game), you can’t go through the Super Bowl without at least having your own customized WeatherTech floor mat!

WeatherTech super bowl commercial 50 2016

  1. Karaoke Set

After chugging down a few bottles of beer, and downing a few shots, you might just catch us singing along (out of tune) with Beyonce during her Super Bowl halftime performance. But if you really want to join Coldplay on the big stage (or at least provide some sort of entertainment to your guests), start off by belting to their tunes with a karaoke set in place.

Super bowl gadgets 2

  1. Arm Extender for Snacking Convenience

Sitting halfway across the room and really craving those crunchy nachos or Doritos? With this arm extender. you’ll be able to grab more than just chips from the other end of the table — you might be able to chuck a football halfway across the room and hit your bro right on the head. Now that’s fun!

Super bowl gadgets 1

  1. DIY Beer Making Kit

If you really want to get creative and have the ultimate Super Bowl experience, here’s one super cool gadget you have to get! Test your beer making skills with this kit and share the love with your friends!

  1. Beer Tender

You’ve probably gotten tired from all that mixing and brewing, so if you want to take the lazy way with your beer serving, then this BeerTender is a no-brainer. Quick to serve, simple to use, and doesn’t make noise – this is every beer lover’s dream come true!

  1. iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

After a long night of Super Bowl celebrations, you’re bound to be hit with a huge mess. Your friends are too tired and drunk to help out and you just want to hit the hay. Luckily, the iRoboto will clean up while you sleep, and come dawn, your place will look as slick as Mountain Dew’s Russell Westbrook himself! (Plus – your cat will thank you for it!)


We get it. You have no energy and are probably exhausted by the thought of doing all that Super Bowl gadget shopping. But if you think you’re a Super Bowl commercial know-it-all and are not planning on getting gadgets in light of the Big Game, then we challenge you to at least test your skills with this ultimate Super Bowl commercials quiz.

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