“Pass It On”: Esurance Hands Out $1 Million To Lucky Tweet-ers In Super Bowl 50 Ad

Esurance 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

Pass Esurance a retweet during the Big Game for a chance to win the big bucks!

Everybody loves a good Super Bowl giveaway. But what do we love more than a silly contest? The chance to win BIG BUCKS to help pay those student loans (or our car insurance, for that matter).

Looks like Esurance couldn’t handle sitting on the sidelines this year; they’re back in for some very last minute Game Day hype. On February 5th, they released their 30-second commercial announcing their “Pass It On Sweepstakes.”

See the ad here:

A whole new approach to saving money…

The 2016 Esurance Super Bowl commercial promotes the insurance company’s sweepstakes. The ad is narrated by actor John Kransinski from “The Office” who also starred in a previous Esurance commercial (and sweepstakes) in 2014.

The commercial starts off by showing a money-covered football being kicked off into a kitchen and then passed to different people in ordinary circumstances, as a way to urge viewers to ‘pass it on.’ But on Game Day, they’re not asking us to pass along footballs. Instead, they want us to retweet their Tweets throughout Super Bowl 50. 

What’s the whole point?

The Esurance Super Bowl 50 ad asks people to retweet messages from Esurance’s Twitter account along with the hashtag #EsuranceSweepstakes. Every tweet will automatically enter you into the sweepstakes and bring you closer to winning $50,000. Winners will be announced each quarter and Esurance will give away a total of $1 million in cash. 

Chief Marketing Officer, Alan Gellman, said the sweepstakes is aimed to attract the Super Bowl audience and gain publicity for the brand, while engaging a large audience with their message. And with Levi’s Stadium’s seating capacity at a whopping 75,000, we’re even curious to see how many people who are at the Big Game will also be tuned into the company’s Twitter handle.

The company is joining these other 2016 Super Bowl advertisers for some Big Game glory and they’re sharing that glory with some very lucky winners! (It could be you!) 

On a side note, we find this contest slightly more exciting than the Skittles giveaway…

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