Like No Other: Schick Spotlights Hydro 5 Razor In Super Bowl 50 Ad

Schick 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

Free your skin, get a Schick razor….(Or, is it really a razor?)

It’s an alien! No, no…it’s a character from Mortal Kombat! Wrong again. That talking robot creature in Schick’s 30-second Super Bowl ad is the brand’s new Hydro 5 razor! (Oh, thaaaaat’s what it is) Could have fooled us!

The Edgewell Personal Care Co. brand made some big last minute moves with securing a spot called “New Schick Hydro” for it’s talking razor in this year’s Big Game.

Watch the Schick 2016 Super Bowl commercial here:

The 2016 Schick Super Bowl commercial is part of the company’s “new global campaign” and is meant to highlight “the new and improved features of the Schick Hydro 5,” while also putting the new product in a battle-off against the “lube strip” – that old school feature present in most razors on the market.  (IS there a better setting for this epic razor-duel than the Super Bowl?)

Addressing all the men in the crowd, the Schick Super Bowl 50 ad presents a “little friendly competition” between the two types of razors to show men that the Hydro 5 is superior over their lube-wielding counterparts.

The “Transformers-styled” battle shows a high jumping Hydro 5 razor making moves jumping to the other side of the sink, while the weaker, barely standing “Lube Strip” tries to make it’s way slowly up before falling and breaking into the sink. The narration ends by saying “sorry lube strip” as it morphs back into the shape of a razor and a man’s hand reaches out for it.

What’s so special about the Hydro 5?

According to AdAge, Schick’s combat fighting razor includes an improvement to the cartridges along with “an upgraded, patented ‘Hydrating Gel Reservoir’” that they claim “‘helps create 40% less friction’” than the outdated lube strip. The commercial is the “first really new TV ad for Schick’s high-end Hydro line” since its 2010 launch in the market.

Why the Super Bowl?

Marketing Director at Edgewell, Charlie King, said that they didn’t originally “start out to create a Super Bowl ad” for the product, but realized that the creative outcome would “fit well within the spirit of the football game.”

Schick is joining a long list of other 2016 Super Bowl advertisers for some Game Day glory. Watch out for their commercial during the first break of the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. This is the first time that Schick is joining the Super Bowl frenzy since Super Bowl XLI back in 2007. That year, they aired an ad  for the Schick Quattro that took on a more humorous tone with a girl falling off a treadmill in mid-workout.

A look back at the Schick Super Bowl XLI ad: 

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