Febreze Commercial 2018

If you’re a Millennial, chances are you’ve had to Febreze something once or twice in your life – your car, laundry, or entire room! And now, every family’s go-to odor eliminator is coming back to the Super Bowl for their second attempt.

Last year, the ad focused on the famous pee-break. This year, it also highlights a well-known fact. Shit stinks.

The message? If you’re planning a Super Bowl party this year, stock up on Febreze first. (Particularly if you plan on serving chili!) But they send this message in a very unusual way. Our thoughts? A for creativity. C for execution.

But you can judge for yourself. Here’s the 2018 Febreze Super Bowl ad:

Note – that was the extended, 60-second version. Come Game Day, you’ll hear all about Dave for just half a minute.


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