Po Fights For His McNuggets (And More): 8 Cool Kung Fu Panda Commercials

Kung Fu Panda Commercials

While football fans are enjoying a great playoff season, Super Bowl 50 advertising campaigns are already kicking into high gear. Among the companies who have claimed a spot in the 2016 Super Bowl is Wix.com, the Israeli-based website builder.

For this year’s campaign, Wix, who had their first appearance in Super Bowl XLIX, has teamed up with the DreamWorks Animation just in time for the January 29th release of Kung Fu Panda 3. The collaborative commercial will feature the affable Po, the wise Master Shifu and his gang of kick-ass fighters – the Furious Five.

While this Wix – DreamWorks partnership is unusual for the Super Bowl advertising turf, the Kung Fu characters are no newbies at commercial partnerships. In fact, Po and his friends have appeared in many ads since the first film in the franchise rolled out in 2008.

In honor of the upcoming release of Kung Fu Panda 3 and the 2016 Wix Super Bowl commercial, here’s a look back at eight of Po’s past collaborations:

1. Po High on Airheads

Po, as we all know, is fonder of eating than he is of any other activity. He’ll eat anything, really, and at any time. So it was just natural that he’d go bat-crazy for the chewy, sweet taffy of Airheads candy. The ad promoted both Kung Fu Panda 2 and the six exciting Airheads’ flavors (Kickin’ Berry and Orange Blast among them). Watch the clip to witness Po’s unique and wacky brand of kung fu, as he reaches new heights on his candy high:

2. Po Tries to Save the Energizer Bunny

In this ad, Po tries to rescue the Energizer Bunny while it calmly (and successfully) passes through the infamous Kung Fu Panda obstacle course. The bunny, of course, comes out unscratched and “keeps on going and going,” as any Energizer powered-toy is supposed to do. For those of you who missed the point, the ad was promoting the sale of Kung Fu Panda toys complete with Energizer battery packs.

3. Po Enters the 21st century with HP

In this partnership between DreamWorks and HP, Po abandons the old ways (an ancient flip book) for the new (an HP dual core laptop). The animation is awesome and the humor is certainly there – which is a big part of the charm of the Kung Fu Panda movies.

4-7. Po Saves the Day with McNuggets

DreamWorks and McDonald’s longstanding partnership began when the first Kung Fu Panda movie came out. In 2008, while the movie was showing in theatres across America, McDonald’s ran a special “Kung Fu Panda Happy Meal Program,” tempting kids all across the country to buy a Happy Meal and find one of eight Kung Fu Panda toys inside.

This first commercial, a pretty great one, shows two kids fighting over the last McNugget in a recreation of the famous “Last Dumpling” scene from the first Kung Fu Panda movie:

And if that made you want to wrestle your way into a Happy Meal, here’s the 1-minute long director’s cut:

Three years later, when the Kung Fu Panda 2 feature came out, DreamWorks and McDonald’s went back to working together. This time, it is Po that actually saves the day for the kids:

And here’s the slightly more violent (and way more hectic) French version:

7. Po in Kinder Eggs

Earlier this year, kids all over the world had one more reason to look forward to their Kinder Surprise, as Po and all his friends integrated themselves into the beloved candy. This commercial, just like Wix’s spot in the Super Bowl, promotes the upcoming Kung Fu Panda 3 feature:

8. BONUS: A Taste of What’s In Store!

Meanwhile, on January 13 Wix released the first teaser ad of Super Bowl 50! Read more about the Wix – DreamWorks collaboration and check out the teaser here: