Mr. Clean Profile

Mr. Clean has been owned by American manufacturers Procter & Gamble since 1958. It’s a brand synonymous with all-purpose household cleaning agents and their squeaky clean, silent mascot Mr Clean.  

Yet it was a marine ship cleaning businessman, Linwood Burton, that came up with the concept and formula behind the original Mr. Clean product. In a quest to find a cleaning agent that would be less harsh for cleaning ships, the savvy entrepreneur set to work to formulate what we now know today as the Mr. Clean brand.

Fast forward 60 years and Mr. Clean can be found in almost every household. From his magic erasers and multi-purpose liquids to sprays and other products, Mr. Clean is considered expert in getting rid of grime. As well as the brand, the Mr. Clean character has evolved along the years too. Check out this clip to see the origin of the mascot himself: