Deflate-Gate or Deflate-Gronk?

Blow Out Euphoria Deflated By DeflateGate

With the Super Bowl XLIX around the corner, tension intensifies and it looks like the Patriots might be in trouble – again.

Shortly after Sunday crashing victory, (45-7) over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship, the New England Patriots are reportedly being investigated by the NFL. As first reported by’s Bob Kravitz the NFL has been investigating whether the New England Patriots illegally deflated footballs during last night’s AFC Championship playoff against the Colts. Kravitz reported that officials took a ball out of play and weighed it.

But it looks like New England Pats Tight End Rob Gronkowski might have a good explanation for this.

The Tweet has gone viral and has already been retweeted more than 26,000 times! NFL you might want to take this into account…

A deflated football would potentially be easier to throw and catch – especially in poor weather conditions – than a properly inflated ball. It’s not the first time that a team is charged with such allegations. In 2012, USC fired a student manager being accused of deflating footballs below regulation levels. If rumors were confirmed and the New England Patriots were found guilty of tampering with the footballs, they would lose draft picks. It wouldn’t be the first time for Bill Belichick’s team. In 2008, the Patriots lost their first-round pick as punishment for 2007’s Spygate scandal, in which the team was caught illegally taping sideline defensive signals from New York Jets. In addition, head coach Bill Belichick was fined $500,000, and the Patriots were charged $250,000.

The NFL investigation is ongoing and proof of intent to deflate the ball has yet to be given. Truth or fiction, there is no argument that the Patriots played extremely well on Sunday, beating the Colts by nearly 200 yards and dominating both sides of the ball for the majority of the game. It would thus be unfair to suggest the final score resulted solely from a slightly less inflated football. And of course, ball jokes were invading Twitter where the hashtag #DeflateGate quickly started trending on Social Medias. These are some of our favorites.

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