Mountain Dew Shakes Its Way Into SB 50 With A Puppy-Monkey-Baby Ad

Mountain Dew 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

And it’s nothing like you’ve ever witnessed before…

What do you get when you combine a puppy, monkey, baby, and a Mountain Dew Kickstart together? A visual experience that will make you shake. Literally.

The soft drink company is back in the Super Bowl after a 16 year hiatus and just released their full complete 30-second Mountain Dew Super Bowl ad to the public. (And it’s definitely nothing like we’ve ever seen before.)

Curious to see what we’re talking about? See their ad here:

The 2016 Mountain Dew commercial is meant to put the spotlight on the brand’s threefold flavored combo including dew, juice, and caffeine – and it uses a rattling ‘puppymonkeybaby’ to pitch their Kickstart product to consumers. The ad starts off by showing three young guys sitting on the couch saying they just want to chill, until suddenly the odd creature walks into the room with a bucket full of Mountain Dew Kickstart, and a rattle shaker in hand.

According to AdAge, the odd creature that’s seen in the  Mountain Dew Super Bowl 50 ad is a combination of “three of the most commonly used creative devices in Super Bowl spots,” and plays off of the brand’s “three awesome things combined” tagline. The wacky ad spot created by New York ad-agency BBDO, is set to air during the first quarter of CBS’s broadcast of the Big Game at Levi’s stadium. (As strange as it is, the company somehow managed to get us to put it on replay. (Its got that kind of addicting effect)

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