Previous Hyundai Campaigns

As 10-time players in the Super Bowl ad game, Hyundai knows well what they are getting into. Last year, they bravely went where no Super Bowl advertiser has gone before. They shot the commercial live during the game and then aired it right after the game. It was a bright idea, but might have worked out even better if so many people hadn’t gone to sleep before the 4th quarter.

So what did they do in this ground-breaking ad? Instead of making a traditional commercial in advance of the Super Bowl, Hyundai created a Game Day documentary that covered some of the best moments off the field.  

Introducing “Operation Better”

And by “off the field” they mean WAY off the field! Hyundai filmed their 2017 Super Bowl commercial from a US military base in Zagan, Poland. They even created a mock stadium for the occasion, inviting thousands of soldiers to watch the game in an ambiance that simulated the NRG Stadium in Houston.

Meanwhile, director Peter Berg and the production team worked on the ad spot from a trailer on the base. Here’s what happened when Hyundai brought together soldiers to watch this unforgettable game together with their families.

Although the idea was new, Hyundai has gone epic before. In Super Bowl 50, they also made a big splash when they created four (yes, four!) Super Bowl commercials.

Hyundai SHOWED UP to Super Bowl 50

Back in 2016, Hyundai hired four world-class directors to help them create their four (yep, you heard us right!) Super Bowl 50 ads: Peter Berg, Fredrik Bond, Aaron Stoller and Janusz Kaminski.

Together, this hard-hitting team produced commercials (and teasers) for the South Korean’s Elantra and Genesis models. Hyundai’s CMO Dean Evans stated that the company teamed up with these directors to create “incredibly engaging, memorable ads.” Part of the goal of the ads was to highlight the technology and advanced features in these newest Hyundai models and to promote the brand’s motto: “We make things better.”

Hyundai pre-released all four of their 2016 Super Bowl ads.

The first one, called “The Chase,” showed off the Elantra’s “talk start” feature. Directed by Aaron Stoller, the brief thriller ad showed two hikers who were saved from bears by their Elantra.

The second complete Hyundai Super Bowl 50 ad highlighted an impressive automatic breaking system in the 2017 Elantra. Watch “Ryanville,” a clever commercial directed by Fredrik Berg and starring stud Ryan Reynolds.

The third Hyundai Super Bowl commercial, directed by Peter Berg, starred Kevin Hart as a very over-protective father. He used the “Car Finder” feature in his Hyundai Genesis to help make sure his daughter’s first date was rated very PG.

The fourth Hyundai Super Bowl commercial was called “Better.” Directed by Fredrik Bond, it followed one boy who, rather than a heart, has a weird blue glowing engine. But apparently this engine-heart drives him to be a really good guy…

Here’s a look back at some of more of our favorite Hyundai ads:

Hyundai Commercial – Super Bowl 2014

Their 2014 Super Bowl was a clever spot called “Dad’s Sixth Sense,” featuring a father who is constantly saving his son, just in the nick of time. And for those moments when Dad can’t be the savior – there’s Hyundai.

Hyundai Commercial – Super Bowl 2013

Equally memorable was Hyundai’s badass Super Bowl ad from 2013.  The commercial had us cheering for a prepubescent teen as he takes on a band of bullies on the field.

Hyundai Commercial – Super Bowl 2009

The 2009 Game Day ad, “Angry Bosses” was all about bragging rights for the Hyundai Genesis, which won “2009 Car of the Year.” A cute idea, but why were all those angry bosses men?

Hyundai Commercial – Super Bowl 2008

In 2008, Hyundai used the Super Bowl stage to unveil their brand new, luxury Genesis.

Hyundai Commercial – Super Bowl 1989

Their “Space Vehicle” ad from way back in 1989 was a little bit less clever, but since it’s fun to reminisce, we’ll share the clip.

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