Heinz Commercial 2016

We all love ketchup – and not just because it tastes so game good on French fries! Really, we can’t think of a more quintessentially Super Bowl condiment than Heinz ketchup.

The good news is, the world famous ketchup maker was back in the Super Bowl ad race after a two year break with a 30-second 2016 Super Bowl commercial. The great news was, the ad starred puppies! (Perhaps Heinz was inspired to carry the tradition when they heard that the Budweiser 2016 Super Bowl commercial would not star dogs…)

The complete ad, released on February 1st, featured a herd of adorable, furry friends and “the whole Heinz family.”

The Heinz Super Bowl campaign centered around the tagline #MeettheKetchups, with the goal being to introduce viewers to the entire Heinz family and remind us that, believe it or not, the world’s biggest ketchup-maker makes more than just ketchup.

From their organic ketchup and ketchup blended with balsamic vinegar, to their lines of mustard and baked beans, Heinz definitely knows how to hit the appetite of its consumers. (We’re already in line waiting to get some for dinner!)

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