Google Commercial 2017

The king of search snagged up 30-seconds of precious Super Bowl LI ad time! But they didn’t promote their search tool. Instead, the 2017 Google Super Bowl ad put a spotlight on the Google Home, the company’s voice-activated, virtual assistant and speaker.

It was poignant – and offered something we all can relate to. It showed diverse families from across the US coming home. Regardless of race, religion or language, what do all these homes share? The Google Home.

What is Google Home?

The Google Home is a small, wireless speaker that responds to voice queries. Designed to help with anything from dimming your lights and adding music for ambiance to hearing tomorrow’s weather forecast, the Home is Google’s response to Amazon’s Alexa.

Google may have decided to air a Big Game commercial for the Home after seeing last year’s fantastic Alexa Super Bowl ad. It starred Alex Baldin, Missy Elliot and Dan Marino.

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