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If you’re looking for a new place to call home, is the way to go.

“Change your apartment, change the world!” At least, that’s the message that Jeff Goldblum and Lil’ Wayne want to drive home in the debut’s Super Bowl commercial.

Will this Super Bowl ad change your world? Or at least your address?

In honor of the 50th Super Bowl, created a 60-second ad titled #MovinOnUp. The goal of the ad is to convince viewers how great the apartment lifestyle is. Look out for it during the 2nd commercial break of CBS’s broadcast on February 7, 2016.

The ad stars Jeff Goldblum in the character of “Silicon Valley Maverick,” Brad Bellflower. Rapper Lil’ Wayne makes a very special appearance alongside Goldblum, a BBQ and President George Washington. The fun – if a bit random – commercial includes a choir, a game of pickup football and Bellflower flying aboard a piano! 

Does this make you want to move?

Nothing like some good ol’ teasers…

Before revealing the complete Super Bowl ad, released three teasers that had us asking lots of questions. In the first one, we see a very relaxed Lil’ Wayne sitting on a couch and a man that looks like George Washington stating he’s “got the buns.”

Watch teaser #1, called “The Arrival” here:

In the second teaser, George and Lil’ Wayne are back and this time they’re chit-chattering about teeth. Huh?

Watch teaser #2, called “The Teeth” here:

In the third teaser, Lil’ Wayne and George are at it again – this time grilling up burgers.

Watch teaser #3, called “The Beans” here: 

What else does have in store?

The company announced that they will air eight local commercials during the Big Game, in addition to their national Super Bowl ad spot.

Curious to know more? Here’s a taste of Brad Bellflower from a 2015 commercial called “Launch”:

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