Always Commercial 2015

Adding to the unorthodox mix of Super Bowl advertisers is Always, a brand of feminine hygiene products. Pantiliners, feminine wipes, maxi pads.

The 60-second spot #LikeAGirl was aimed at sparking social change, broadening perceptions, and promoting girl’s confidence. As a play on P&G’s Always #LikeAGirl ad, introduced last summer, the spot shows a deeper truth hidden in society.

Judge for yourself:

Targeted at women, the commercial begs the questions, “when did doing something ‘like a girl’ become an insult?” What started off as a three minute eye opening video released last June, aimed at broadening horizons by Proctor & Gamble has now been turned into a 60-second ad for Always.

Here is the full 3 minute cut:

American documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield who directed the commercial tweeted:

Sidenote: Greenfield also directed the Toyota’s Super Bowl teaser “To Be A Dad”, as part of their #OneBoldChoice campaign.


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