Previous Tide Campaigns

Super Bowl LII marks Tide’s fourth time advertising at the Super Bowl. In previous years, their ads have featured talking stains and famous footballer stains.

Their 2017 Super Bowl ad was hysterical! It starred New England Patriots’ injured tight end Rob Gronkowski, NFL great Terry Bradshaw and actor Jeffrey Tambor.

Watch it here:

Last year, Tide also had some great teasers which we can’t resist sharing again. Get an inside look at how Gronk’s Cleaners runs!

Gronk’s Cleaners (ALT)

Yes, it’s true. Since Gronkowski isn’t playing football these days, it seems he’s found a new job running a laundromat, Gronk’s. And he has developed a very special approach to cleaning his customers’ clothes…

Gronk’s Cleaners Discount

Gronk Kinda Gets It Out

Gronk’s Tunes

Ever wonder what other pro-football players do after their career on the playing field comes to a close?

In the Wix 2015 Super Bowl commercial, we learned about the new careers of football legends like Brett Favre and Emmitt Smith.

Tide’s 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

Meanwhile, back in 2013, the commercial reminded us that some stains might actually be worth keeping! Well, that was the theme of Tide’s Super Bowl 2013 commercial created by Saatchi & Saatchi. It tells the story of a fan who gets a miracle stain on his football shirt that resembles football legend Joe Montana. He becomes an instant celebrity – until his wife “accidentally” washes it out. But, why would she do such a thing?

Tide’s 2008 Super Bowl Commercial

Never go to a job interview with a stain on your shirt. Moreover, don’t even think about going to an interview with a talking stain on your shirt! Tide smashed the ad game with their first ever Super Bowl commercial “Silence the Stain,” in 2008. Lesson learned.