SunTrust Commercial 2016

First time advertisers, SunTrust Banks, bought a 30-second spot in Super Bowl 50 with a super-sized mission: to secure trust among customers and “inspire people to take control over their finances.”

After years of buying local ads during the Super Bowl, SunTrust decided it was time to take the game head-on with a SunTrust Super Bowl 50 commercial that aired just before the two minute warning of the fourth quarter. They created a strong spot with a clear message: Americans of all shapes and sizes suffer from financial concerns, but SunTrust can help us find relief and BREATHE!

Here is a look at the 60-second extended version of the SunTrust commercial:

And here’s the official Super Bowl spot, clocking in at 30-seconds.

The compelling ad did a great job of promoting their #onUp campaign and we have to think that more than a few Americans will be tempted by the ad to try and find financial freedom with SunTrust. According to SunTrust CMO Susan Somersille Johnson, SunTrust chose the Super Bowl as the “most effective platform” for the company to “get the word out.” 

Leaving nothing to chance, SunTrust ran a parallel campaign on social media. In line with the times, they posted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to generate hype about their rookie ad.

SunTrust Banks’ First Teaser

Before they released the complete ad, SunTrust put out a teaser for their Big Game commercial. Building anticipation and telling us to “Hold your breath,” the 13-second video revealed little about the Super Bowl commercial itself or how it would relate to SunTrust Banks and their services.

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