Schick Commercial 2016

After 9 years sitting on the sidelines, Schick is back in the game – and this time with a mortal-combat fighting razor. Just kidding. But the Edgewell Personal Care Co. is putting the spotlight on its Hydro 5 razor during its 30-second spot in the Big Game.

See their ad called  “New Schick Hydro” here:

The Schick Super Bowl 50 commercial boasts the benefits of the new Hydro 5 razor, claiming it causes “40% less friction” than its outdated “Lube Strip” competitors. The ad itself presents a Transformers-style duel between the two razors, with the Hydro 5 jumping across the sink, while the weaker standing “Lube Strip” can barely hold itself up and falls and breaks into the sink.

Schick didn’t originally create the ad for the Super Bowl, but Marketing Director at Edgewell, Charlie King, said that they realized that it would “fit well within the spirit of the football game.” Look out for the Schick ad during the first break of the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.

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