Microsoft Commercial 2015

Washington-based Microsoft announced in late January that they will return to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. The decision came as no surprise, particularly after last Sunday’s playoff game when the Seahawks secured what is also their second consecutive appearance in the game. In fact, while Microsoft’s Xbox and Surface are NFL sponsors, Bing, the MS owned search engine, is a partner of the Seattle Seahawks.

Last year Microsoft made us shed some tears with their extremely touching commercial. The billion-dollar tech company revealed its softer side with the 60-second spot called Empowering. The commercial recounted stories of how technology helps people overcome obstacles, giving them back the ability to speak, hear or walk.

This year, they worked hard to play on the same theme. Their two ads, “Estella’s Brilliant Bus” and the story of Braylon O’Neill (a young boy with two prosthetic legs), were both meant to inspire.

While both ads were decent, they fell short of living up to the impact of last year. Kind of like the Seahawks.

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