Loctite Commercial 2015

Loctite is spending close to its entire 2015 budget for its ad spot in the Super Bowl, which will be aired at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Loctite firmly believes that when you have the right glue you have no worries.

The commercial is in line with Loctite’s #WinAtGlue campaign. This campaign has been going on for the past year. The campaign includes a series of videos, which all end with the line, “With Loctite in your fanny pack, you can help a lot.” Some videos are seriously entertaining, while others leave you confused, asking yourself what the hell you just watched.

Watch for yourself and decide!


P.S. If you find out how to get your hands on one of their hip fanny packs, tweet us a line! We’re trying to figure it out.

Super Bowl ads experience



Fallon, the Minneapolis-based ad agency, will handle this sticky account. A marketing director at Loctite quoted Fallon Director Chris Lawrence as saying, “There is no such thing as a low-interest category, only low-interest advertising”. He managed to convince us! The real question now is, will he be able to convince America?