Dancing Through Time: Pepsi Celebrates Music In 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

Pepsi Full Super Bowl Commercial 2016

And they’ve got us (and Janelle Monae) traveling with them through time…

They’ve kept it a secret for far too long, but today we finally get to see what Pepsi’s Super Bowl 50 ad is all about. Take out your dancing shoes and put on your best 50’s retro attire, folks – you’re about to be taken back in time with Pepsi’s 39-second Super Bowl commercial called “Joy of Pepsi” featuring pop star Janelle Monae….and some very slick dance moves.

Dance along to the Pepsi 2016 Super Bowl commercial:

But if you’re really looking for a way to get into all the Game Day hype, then it’s time to party with some disco lights, shiny jewelry, and maybe even some tight leather pants. (Or maybe we’ll pass on the pants)  

The 2016 Pepsi Super Bowl commercial is meant to take consumers on a journey through time. It starts with Monae dancing in a room to the Contours’ hit tune, “Do You Love Me,” until she walks through to a different time period and finds herself grooving to Madonna’s classic 1980’s song called “Express Yourself,” while ultimately “ending the ad with her remake of the old ‘Joy of Pepsi’” tune.

But according to AdAge, this is not just any journey – the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 ad paves the way to the theme of the halftime show, “which the NFL told Pepsi would be a ‘past, present, and future celebration of music.’”

Having previously made a number of appearances in Pepsi’s global ads, this is a first Super Bowl ad of theirs that Manoe has managed to land. The pop icon also “recorded a 10-second introduction to the spot that will air right before the ad begins.” (And we’re totally excited to see it)

With Lady Gaga scheduled to sing the National Anthem right before the kickoff at Levi’s Stadium, and Pepsi being the main sponsor of the halftime show, while Coldplay and Beyonce are set to be the lead performers of the halftime event, it’s no surprise that the soft drink company chose a musical theme to for their game day ad. And with the Golden Anniversary marking the “final year of a four-year halftime sponsorship contract,” Pepsi definitely managed to make an ad worth remembering.

Not so interested in time traveling through music and care more the Super Bowl commercials?

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