What Does Happy Taste Like? Ask Coke!

coca cola super bowl commercial 2016

Rumor has it…Coke’s Super Bowl 2016 ad will invite you to “Taste the Feeling”

We’re pretty sure you know what it tastes like. That sweet, refreshing bubbly beverage has been enjoyed by nearly every human on planet Earth. But have you ever felt an ice-cold Coke? Just one sip, and you can feel the energy rushing through your body…can’t you?

Coca-Cola hopes so! Because the creators of the world’s most addictive and sugar-packed beverage, worth a hefty $74 billion, have just announced the launch of their “Taste The Feeling” campaign at an event in Paris – and they’re planning to go all out. The campaign will unite all of Coca-Cola’s brands in its “One Brand global marketing strategy” and it has us craving that sweet taste some more!

The question is: could this be the ultimate Coca-Cola Super Bowl 50 commercial teaser? Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

Just in time for Super Bowl 50, the campaign is set to highlight “the equity and iconic appeal of the world’s No.1 beverage brand” and will feature the complete line of Coca-Cola products in a multi-media campaign.

Coke is planning 10 TV commercials, over 10o campaign images and lots of shareable, interactive content for all you social media junkies. The brand is hoping to play to the hearts of its consumers by engaging with them on a personal level.

Marcos de Quinto, Coca-Cola’s Chief Marketing Officer, claimed that their strategy is meant to demonstrate the “company’s commitment to choice,” and to show how the brand can fit into everyone’s “taste, lifestyle and diet” by portraying ordinary life moments that people can relate to or have experienced in the past. 

Take a look at “Anthem,” the first ad of the campaign:

Though Coca-Cola hasn’t specifically confirmed details about their Game Day ad, we can safely assume that the Coca-Cola Super Bowl 50 commercial will be right in line with this brand new campaign.

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