Ford Commercial 2017

Ford Motor Co. returned to the Super Bowl for the first time after a three-year sabbatical. Technically, it was a pre-Game ad, but we’ll let it slide on in to the roster.

This 90-second Ford Super Bowl commercial aired just before kickoff between the Patriots and Falcons on February 5.

Set to the tune of Nina Simone’s I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free and narrated by Bryan Cranston, the commercial was a bit sappy but it did the trick for us. Ford, it promised, will help us “Go Further” and make our lives “faster, easier and better” in the future.

The Ford Super Bowl LI commercial was designed to shine a spotlight on the company’s high-end technology and streamlined design. Together, they said, these can help improve people’s lives.

This focus represented a different approach from their previous Ford commercials which were mostly product-centered. The 2017 Super Bowl marked Ford’s 7th advertising appearance at the Big Game.

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