Previous BMW Campaigns

In 2015, BMW returned to the Big Game after a 4-year break. And what an entrance they made! Their 60-second commercial in the first quarter of Super Bowl XLIX was dedicated to highlighting their new electric vehicle, the i3.

The BMW Super Bowl commercial took us back to a 1994 interview with journalists/technophobes Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, who struggle to explain to their viewers how to use this new technology (“the Internet”) to send an e-mail. Returning to modern times, we see the two discussing BMW’s technology the same way.

Before this fabulous ad, BMW hadn’t played the Big Game since 2011. Previous to that appearance, the company had not invested in a Super Bowl commercial since 2001.

In 2011, the German-based car-maker bought two 30-second spots. The ads were well received, but apparently not enough of a big win to motivate the auto manufacturer to reinvest in the Super Bowl in the years that followed.

“Defy Logic,” their first BMW 2011 Super Bowl commercial, promoted the fact that while the company is German, BMWs are both designed and manufactured in America, by Americans.

The second spot, called “Changes,” advertised the Diesel-powered BMW as “clean, quiet, powerful.”  The commercial portrayed a sleek new BMW in stark contrast with old-school, diesel-powered vehicles that billow clouds of black smoke and struggle to climb hills.

In 2016, BMW sat on the sidelines, but they featured their lovable line of Minis in a third quarter, 30-second ad in Super Bowl 50.