Axe Commercial 2016

Gentlemen, you’ve probably heard it all before – those social expectations that set the standards high for what is considered to be masculine. Well, Axe has something to tell you: don’t be afraid, be you and embrace your individuality – and your own version of manliness.

The men’s skin care company bought a 30-second ad in the Big Game and they are using it to encourage men to  “Find Your Magic.” Their Super Bowl commercial is based on the success of a recently launched ad campaign that goes by the same name. (Axe was so enthusiastic about the success of the campaign that they decided to bring it to the biggest ad stage in the world!)

Watch the complete, 60-second “Find Your Magic” ad:

They want me to do…..what?

The Axe 2016 Super Bowl commercial encourages men to look beyond typical stereotypes around manliness and celebrate their individuality, even if it means breaking the confines of social expectations. 

Axe’s Senior Director, Matt McCarthy, stated that in designing the “Find Your Magic” campaign, the company wanted to spread the word and engage both men and women in the conversation about masculinity and embracing individuality.

Happen to ring a bell?

The sequence of events that went on with Axe may sound quite familiar. They are, in fact, taking a path very similar to the one taken last year in the Always 2015 Super Bowl Commercial. When that brand launched a wildly successful (and strikingly similar) campaign with a powerful message for the ladies back in 2014, they also decided to take it to the Big Game. 

In the ad campaign called “Like a Girl,” Always challenges the notion of what it means to be a female in today’s dynamic society. It was so successful that their Super Bowl XLIX (2015) ad sent the very same message.

Watch the Always Super Bowl XLIX (2015) ad here:

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