Victoria’s Secret Commercial 2015

Seven years have passed since Victoria’s Secret made an appearance in the Super Bowl. Their 30-second commercial was aired during the fourth quarter, incorporated a Valentine’s Day theme. The idea behind the advertisement is that no Valentine’s Day is complete without Victoria’s Secret. The ad was created in house.

The timing of the Super Bowl worked perfectly for Victoria’s Secret. After all, Valentine’s Day is the company’s biggest selling period, second only to Christmas, according to AdAge.

Victoria’s Secret has stayed true to their concept and branding throughout the years. The new 2015 ad seems to be an updated replica of their 08′ commercial, can you spot the difference?

Early in January, Victoria’s Secret had released teasers featuring the sexy and beautiful angels: Lily Aldridge, Adriana Lima, and Karlie Kloss, and as controversial as it may sound, we think the teasers are much better than the actual commercial.

Here’s Victoria’s first teaser:

On the Victoria’s Secret YouTube channel you’ll also find this teaser:

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