SKECHERS Commercial 2015

After taking last year off, Skechers returned to the playing field with a 15-second spot. Starring Pete Rose, the ad  is pushing Skechers’ relaxed fit shoes, comfort included! His fiancee Kiana Kim also chimes in on the action:

The ad pokes fun at Rose, a former major league baseball player and manager, who continues to be excluded from baseball’s Hall of Fame. The gimmick of the commercial is that Skechers’ relaxed fit footwear helps Rose walk “the hall” during this year’s Super Bowl.

In a tweet announcing the big news, Rose makes fun of himself:

President of Skechers, Michael Greenberg, explained that Rose is much more than just a baseball legend, he’s also an American icon. And what better place for an American icon to appear than in the Super Bowl? Greenberg continues to say that perhaps the viewership will turn the tide so that Rose will finally be in the hall of fame, according to


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