Nissan Commercial 2015

Nissan purchased a whopping 90-seconds for their ad. Can America pay attention that long? Here is the full version they only released on game day:

The hype is big when you’ve had 18 years to plan a commercial, and Nissan’s senior Marketing VP, Fred Diaz promised, “We’re going big and there’s no bigger moment than the Super Bowl.”

They first released a 10-second teaser to prepare America for its Super-sized Super Bowl commercial:

The spot, was aired during the third quarter, focused on striking a balance between work and life, a struggle shared by many American families. The commercial features the song, “Cat’s in the Cradle,” by American folk singer and songwriter Harry Chapin. The lyrics of the song talk about a father who never has time for his son because of work. Throughout the song, the son always looks up to and hopes that one day he can turn into his father. Finally the father does have time for his son, however, the son doesn’t have time for him. The irony is that the son does end up turning into his father, who he so wanted to be like.

The commercial will also feature the long awaited GT-R NISMO race car.

The #WithDad Campaign – Catering To Father’s Across America

In honor of the Super Bowl, Nissan has revamped its YouTube channel to include a new tab titled, “#WithDad“. Under the tab you’ll find videos featuring different YouTube sensations. All of the videos related to the theme of fatherhood.

For example, they uploaded a video with @DudePerfect. This is a special clip featuring the cast with their fathers.

Other videos include YouTube celebrities such as: Roman Atwood, Epic Meal Time, Jabbawockeez, and more.

Nissan isn’t the only advertiser focusing on fathers during the Big Game. Toyota, Dove Men+Care and now Nissan are all airing spots with a daddy theme. Of course, each will try to reach their target market with a different execution, but it will be interesting to see how the advertisers try to differentiate themselves while sticking to a similar theme in their ads.

Nissan Was Sending Strong Signals: Commercial Would Feature the NISMO

Initially Nissan wouldn’t confirm (but hinted) that their commercial could very well feature the redesigned Maxima that will go on sale in late 2015, according to However, what started off as rumors and speculations has now been pretty much confirmed after what Darren Cox, Motorsports Director of Nissan, told “You’ve seen what’s happening on social media. If you’re a motor racing fan, I’d say to watch the Super Bowl,” NISMO’s Darren Cox told Sportscar365. So we can expect to see the first details ofthe GT-R LM NISMO during the Super Bowl. The redesign supposedly represents Nissan’s transformation since the 90s and the company’s brand repositioning.

“What’s the biggest TV audience in the world at any one time? It’s the Super Bowl. Not only that, but the buzz of the Super Bowl TV ads is worldwide,” said Darren Cox, NISMO global head of brand, marketing & sales.

A group of traveling fans witnessed the carbon-fiber model making rounds on a COTA circuit, according to the car blog COTA stands for circuit of the Americas, and is a motor racing circuit right outside of Austin, Texas.

Here are some of the first published images of the race car:

nissan nismo 3

nissan nismo 2

note: these images are screenshots from

Nissan will have less competition than they would have had last year. There were seven car companies participating in SB 15, as compared to eleven car advertisers last year. It’ll be interesting to see how America reacts to Nissan, after 18 years on the sidelines in Super Bowl XLIX.


Why now?

Nissan says the Super Bowl commercial is part of their “Big Moments” advertising strategy. In addition to their highly visible sponsorship of both NBC’s The Voice and the Heisman trophy, you can expect to see a whole lot of Nissan in the upcoming NCAA tournament come March.

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