The Daily Dose: Bikers, Brawls And Breathalyzers

Mercedes, Adam Driver, Pepsi, Tostitos, Super Bowl Commercials 2017

As the Super Bowl 2017 ad race picks up the pace, more and more commercials are being pre-released. And, we’ve started to notice a few running themes in place – namely, booze and brawls! After all, sport does tend to bring out the animal in us all.

It’s time for your Daily Dose of 2017 Super Bowl commercial news. Here’s what you need to know, today.

Mercedes-Benz Brings Burly Bikers to the Game

Things are getting heated for the Mercedes-Benz AMG Super Bowl 2017 commercial. With under two weeks to go before the Big Game, the automakers have released 4 short teasers ahead of their ad that will air during the fourth quarter.

The campaign, entitled #EasyDriver, stars a bunch of burly bikers ready for their next brawl. But who picked a fight with them? Some crazy has decided to block these guys in! They’re going to settle things as only they know how. Kicking the door in, the bikers roll up their sleeves and prepare to meet their match. Here’s how the story unfolds:

Teaser #1: “Jukebox”

Teaser #2   “Arm Wrestle”

Teaser #3: “Blocked In”

Teaser #4: “Door Kick”

Clearly there’s something in the air at this year’s Super Bowl. First released their action-packed Super Bowl LI commercial… and now this. It also reminds us of the hilarious Skittles ‘Settles It’ ad that aired during Super Bowl XLIX.

MB’s bikers might need a right arm like these guys:

Skittles ‘Settle It’ For Super Bowl XLIX

Snickers Will Film Live Super Bowl Ad

Snickers has upped the creative ante with the news that they will attempt their first ever live Super Bowl 2017 commercial. The live ad will run for 30-seconds during the Patriots versus Falcons game, helping to spread their ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ Super Bowl message.

So how many people does it take to make a live commercial?

Actor Adam Driver will star in the western-themed spot, while some 150 ad executives from Mars, ad agency BBDO and production company O Positive, shoot the 30-second commercial.

Watch these snippets from their live Super Bowl commercial castings:

The candy makers follow in the footsteps of Hyundai who were the first to reveal that they too will be working to produce a live Hyundai Super Bowl 2017 commercial.

Lady Gaga to Perform with Tony Bennett at Halftime Show

Tony Bennett will join Lady Gaga on the biggest musical stage in the world – the Pepsi Sponsored Super Bowl LI Halftime Show. Though we have been given a first peak behind the scenes at rehearsals, we can’t wait to see what lies in store with the talented duo. Bennett is slated to take the stage first as her lead-in. If their ‘Cheek-to-Cheek’ collaborative album is anything to go by, we can look forward to some old school crooning on Game Day:


With Doritos missing from the Super Bowl 2017 roster for the first time in over a decade, tortillas brand Tostitos are stepping in with some uber cool packaging. Though they won’t be running an ad at this year’s Super Bowl, they’ve given us a huge reason to buy their chips for Game Day.

For the occasion, the chip-maker has joined forces with Uber to launch a special “Party Bag.” The chip packaging includes an actual breathalyzer sensor that can detect alcohol levels. So, if you’ve chugged on a beer or two, the sensor then turns red and displays an image of a steering wheel, along with an Uber code and a “Don’t drink and drive” message.

Until we get our hands on the teaser, here’s a Game Day dip recipe to try at home:

Pepsi Zero Sugar Sponsors Halftime Show

Pepsi is using this year’s Halftime Show sponsorship to plug its healthier Pepsi Zero Sugar drink. From ‘premium’ bottled water LIFEWTR to Pepsi Zero Sugar, Pepsi is on a mission to advertise “basically nothing” – no calorie, no sugar products – at the Big Game.

The move comes as the soda industry continues to come under fire from health advocates. Interestingly, bottled water officially outsells soda, bringing in $21 billion a year in the US. In other words, Pepsi has a lot to gain from featuring their lighter drinks at Super Bowl LI!

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