All The 2018 Super Bowl Commercials – Watch ‘Em Here

Super Bowl Commercials 2018

Super Bowl LII is behind us! And what a game it was. The 2018 Super Bowl taught us that SURPRISES are still possible: Budweiser commercials don’t all have Clydesdales, NFL players can dance and the Patriots can lose.

As we reflect on Sunday night, we remember an outstanding game, some very unspectacular commercials and a few outstanding Super Bowl campaigns which – thank heavens – redeemed ad junkies like us. If you took a pee break or missed a few ads, then this blog’s for you. Just for you, we put in blood, sweet, tears and a whole lotta links to create the complete list of Super Bowl LII Commercials.

Here it is:

All of the 2018 Super Bowl commercials in one place…

In a last minutes reversal, Wix announced that they would air a surprise Super Bowl commercial, despite their initial plans to sit this year out. According to Wix CMO, Omer Shai, “We got a great offer that we couldn’t refuse to run a spot in the Super Bowl, and although we had less than 24 hours to decide and deliver, we made the decision to go for it.”

The ad starred the hilarious Internet comedians, Rhett & Link.

Here’s the extended version of the 2018 Wix Super Bowl commercial:

Plus, here’s the Wix Super Bowl commercial teaser that Rhett & Link put together in record-time!


Amazon decided to go big, gambling on a whopping 90-second ad buy. Their ad aired in the last quarter of Super Bowl LII, and starred Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. In it, we learned that – horror of horrors – Alexa lost her voice. Discover why we think it was one of the best 2018 Super Bowl commercials!

Watch out for cameos from other big-time stars in the Amazon Super Bowl commercial.

Before the ad was released, they shared the Amazon 2018 Super Bowl commercial teaser here:

But that’s not all! Amazon also aired the first ever Super Bowl spot for Amazon Prime. The 60-second ad was meant to build hype for their new series, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, starring Jon Krasinski.


In their rookie attempt at a Super Bowl commercial, AmeriTrade teamed up with Lionel Richie. What does 24-hour trading mean? Find out… (maybe)

Avocados From Mexico

Avocados from Mexico was back for the 4th year in a row, here to remind us to eat lots of guacamole. Sticking to the same theme (let’s call it “weird”) as their last two Super Bowl ads, the Avocados from Mexico 2018 Super Bowl ad starred Chris Elliot and featured rainbows and flying avocados. And this year, it was even stranger than ever.

Here’s “Guac World” – their 30-second Big Game Avocado ad:

Before they released the complete Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl ad, they showed us this teaser. (So at least we were forewarned that it would be wacky!)


During the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl, Rapper Pras introduced us to his new project – Blacture. The goal of Blacture is to promote black culture, share stories from black artists and give a spotlight to news stories that don’t make the regular press.

Here’s the Blacture Super Bowl commercial:

Bud Light

We can’t recall a Super Bowl without a Bud Light ad, and this year was no different. The Bud Light Super Bowl LII ad was the finale of their “Dilly Dilly” trilogy.  The campaign, which was kicked off on Christmas, takes us to a medieval world where Bud Light is king and traditional words for a toast are none other than “Dilly! Dilly!”

Meet the Bud Knight – who starred in the Bud Light Super Bowl 2018 commercial!


As with Bud Light, so too with Budweiser. After all, what’s a Super Bowl without a whole lotta cheap beer?

Even before the kickoff of Super Bowl LII, Budweiser released their 2018 Big Game spot. It was a poignant commercial, meant to make us cry, admire and connect with Budweiser. It did the job well. The commercial recounted how Budweiser has shipped thousands of cans of water to Americans affected by natural disasters, from Florida and Texas to Puerto Rico.


Don’t worry friends, there is enough Coke in the world for all of us. (Were you worried?) In this year’s Coke Super Bowl commercial, the cheesy message was that there’s a Coke for all of us. They spend a whopping 60-seconds nailing this message home.

Watch the commercial and decide for yourself: Were you touched? Tickled? Or just left wondering what’s so sentimental about a can of Coke?

Meanwhile, Coke decided to share the Super-sized spotlight with Diet Coke! Back in the Big Game for the first time in 21 years, the Diet Coke Super Bowl commercial starred Gillian Jacobs.  Diet Coke is now available in a brand new can and in flavors such as mango and cherry. The target audience? Millennials. The message? Drink Diet Coke “Because I Can.”(Get the pun?)

The beverage giant has released some teasers, but the full Diet Coke Super Bowl LII commercial won’t come out until Game Day.

Here’s the Diet Coke Super Bowl Commercial

In the meantime, here are some teasers:


After sitting out last year, Doritos was back in the Super Bowl! And they came up with an exciting way to return to the Big Game. After all, for 10 years Doritos sponsored the wildly successful “Crash the Super Bowl contest” where they asked fans to submit commercials on their behalf, vying for a chance to win a free Big Game ad!

The 2018 Doritos Super Bowl commercial did not disappoint! Promoting both Doritos and Mountain Dew, it starred Peter Dinklage (from Game of Thrones), Morgan Freeman, Busta Rhymes and Missy E in an ultimate showdown:

Before the full Doritos Mountain Dew ad came out, they released some teasers. They were – unquestionably – some of the best Super Bowl LII had to offer!

Here’s a second Doritos/Mountain Dew teaser, released earlier in January.


We hadn’t seen Etrade in the Big Game for 5 whole years, but they came back with bells and whistles! The 2018 Etrade Super Bowl commercial featured running, jumping and slightly over-the-hill DJs, lifeguards and more. The ad is part of the company’s “Don’t Get Mad” campaign. The eTrade commercial aired in the 2nd quarter.

Here is the 2018 Etrade Super Bowl commercial:

Here was the 2018 Etrade Super Bowl teaser:


If you jammed your house full of rowdy Super Bowl fans this year who stuffed their faces with bean dip and cheese fries, then you might have found the Febreze Super Bowl LI commercial helpful. The ad reminded us to stock up on Febreze before Super Bowl Sunday – or anytime we have a lot of people in our house who might, well, poop. That is, unless, you plan on inviting only Dave over to your house.  Who’s Dave?

Watch the Febreze commercial and see for yourself!

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

Just days before Super Bowl LII, FCA announced that they would air a whopping 5 ads during the Game. They did not disappoint. The Big Game was filled with great ads for big cars, filled with Vikings and dinosaurs and adventure.

Here are all five of the FCA Super Bowl LII commercials:

Dodge Ram Super Bowl Commercial – Icelandic Vikings

This commercial for the Ram Truck was set to the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. Social media was critical of the ad – to put it lightly.

The Jeep Commercial – Jeep Jurassic

The Jeep Cherokee Super Bowl Commercial – The Road

The Jeep Ad – the Anti-Manifesto


Groupon spent 7 years working on their second attempt at a Super Bowl ad. The previous Groupon Super Bowl commercial bombed miserably. This year’s 30-second spot starred Tiffany Haddish and reminded us why it’s important to shop local.

Heroes Arena

Each year, there’s always at least one Super Bowl commercial for a mobile game. This year, it was Heroes Arena. Last year, it was Mobile Strike and Evony. If gaming is your thing, maybe this ad did the trick. Or not.


This may come as a surprise, but many people reading this may not recall the last time that HBO ran a Super Bowl commercial. That is because it’s been 20 years! But fast forward two decades and HBO created a Super Bowl commercial to promote the second season of Westworld.

Here’s a look at the Westworld Season 2 trailer – the Official HBO Super Bowl commercial:


Hulu joined the Super Bowl ad lineup this year with a 30-second commercial.  The ad promoted the new Hulu series, Castle Rock. Based on the Stephen King novel, prepare to be spooked.

Here’s the Hulu Super Bowl ad commercial:


Like last year, Hyundai’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial focused on their tagline, “Better Drives Us.” This year, though, it was a bit tough to watch. The Hyundai Super Bowl commercial focused on the carmaker’s nonprofit dedicated to helping cure pediatric cancers.

Here’s Hope Detector – the Hyundai 2018 Super Bowl commercial

Meanwhile, they released this teaser promoting the 2018 Hyundai Super Bowl commercial.


Intuit aired its third Super Bowl ad in 2018, but unlike in past Super Bowl commercials where they’ve given away spots to small businesses, Intuit starred in their own ad this year. Back in 2016 – the last time we saw an Intuit Super Bowl ad – Intuit hosted a competition called Small Business Big Game. This year, the ad was pretty funny – it was about saving you time. You could “skip the ad” just 15 seconds in!



Kia advertised for the 9th consecutive Super Bowl this year. Each year, they surprise and impress us with innovative and effective ads. Back in 2017, the Kia Super Bowl ad starred Melissa McCarthy as a global-warming-fighting maven! In 2018, the 60-second spot in the 3rd quarter featured a cameo from race car driver Emerson Fittipaldi, but the real star of the ad was Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler.

Watch Tyler drive a Kia Stinger back in time to meet his former self. Here it is – an outstanding 2018 Kia Super Bill ad (and far better than the Skittles Super Bowl commercial that Tyler did a few years back.)

Before they released the full ad, we were treated to this Kia Super Bowl teaser, called “Feel Something Again”


In past Super Bowls, Kraft has promoted some of the brands they own – Planters Planters, Heinz and more. But this year, they kept the spotlight for themselves. To help them promote their not-so-healthy foods which nearly all of us eat, they created an ad starring real families, rather than actors. The theme of the commercial was “Family Greatly.”

The Kraft Super Bowl Commercial said, “You showed us how you family.”


In addition to purchasing two 60-second ad spots to promote Toyota, the automaker also bought up Super Bowl airtime for Lexus, which they also own. The Lexus Super Bowl LII commercial is a collaboration with the Black Panther movie. Catch the extended cut here:


M&M’s were back in the Super Bowl for the first time since 2014. This year, the ad starred Danny DeVito as red M&M -personified. The full Super Bowl commercial was released before the Big Game, but please use viewer discretion. It does get unexpectedly violent — and random.

Here’s the 2018 M&M Super Bowl commercial:

Before the full ad was released, we saw these two M&M Super Bowl commercial teasers:


In this quick McDonald’s Super Bowl ad, which aired right before kickoff, we were invited to renew our vows to the classic, one and only…Big Mac.


Mercedes snuck into the 2018 Super Bowl without any warning. The commercial, called Off the Line, featured the Mercedes AMG E63S.

Michelob Ultra

Think you can’t drink beer and stay fit? Think again. Michelob Ultra was back in the Big Game with another Super Bowl commercial to remind us that this beer is for athletes.

Watch actor Chris Pratt, training hard to vie for his spot in the Michelob Ultra Super Bowl LII commercial. Will he get the gig?

Ultimately, he did get the job!

Watch the 2018 Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial – The Perfect Fit

And here’s the second Michelob Ultra Commercial – I Like Beer.


Want the best possible sound while you’re watching the Super Bowl this year? Then you might want to check out Monster Products. The makers of high-end A/V equipment partnered with Iggy Azalea to help them promote their new Air Links product on Game Day. This was the first-ever Monster Super Bowl commercial.

Mountain Dew

In honor of Super Bowl LII, Mountain Dew Ice teamed up with Doritos Blaze for an ad that is sure to be one of the best. Why are we so positive? Because it stars Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman. Plus Busta Rhymes and Missy E. So obviously it is amazing. If you scroll up to Doritos, you’ll notice you already saw it.

But it’s fucking awesome. So watch it again:



This is the first time that the NFL has created an outstanding Super Bowl commercial, but it was definitely one of the best. In fact, we think it was the best 2018 Super Bowl commercial!  Seeing Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning dancing – almost daintily – in football gear and reenacting the famous “lift” scene from Dirty Dancing. That, my friends, is pure genius.

Meanwhile if you don’t remember the NFL commercial – Super Bowl babies, we highly recommend you take a gander. It, too, was unforgettable!



We’re not gonna lie. Of all the Super Bowl LII commercials, we were so excited about this one! Pepsi let us know early on that Cindy Crawford would be coming back after more than a quarter of a century to recreate her iconic Super Bowl commercial from back in 1992. Like Pepsi, Cindy is just as fantastic in 2018 and she was 26 years ago.

When the ad was released, we were even more excited! Because Cindy wasn’t the only celeb to make an appearance. The Pepsi Super Bowl LII commercial features tons of our favorite stars! Because Pepsi – is for every generation.

Watch “This is the Pepsi” the extended version of the 2018 Pepsi Super Bowl ad!

Here’s a look at the 2018 Pepsi Super Bowl teaser.

And here’s the original Cindy Crawford Pepsi ad:


Persil was ready to play in the third quarter of Super Bowl LII. As is already tradition, actor Peter Hermann will take center stage in the Persil Super Bowl ad. He also starred in their two previous Previous Persil Campaigns.

Here’s Game-time, Stain-time, the Persil Super Bowl LII commercial:


You might want to put down your chicken wings before you watch this PETA Super Bowl commercial. Starring James Cromwell as a priest, we hear the confessions of a meat industry executive who reveals that words like “humanely raised” and “free-range” are meaningless. Rumor has it, the ad won’t air during the Game.


While the famously stackable chips have been around since 1967, this will be the first time we get to see a Pringles Super Bowl ad. Get ready for a fun and munchie-inducing ad in the beginning of Super Bowl LII.

The 2018 Pringles Super Bowl ad stars Bill Hader, who you may know best from Trainwreck and SNL. Be inspired by the spot – called “Wow” – here:

Before the ad was released, he shared this teaser. In it, he had a lot to say about his upcoming Super Bowl LII performance.

Quicken Loans

After sitting out last year, Quicken was back in the game this year with a full 60-second advertisement for their app – Rocket Mortgage. The Quicken Loans Super Bowl commercial starred Keegan Michael Key as a master translator of all things slang.


The Skechers Super Bowl commercial this year starred hall-of-famer, Howie Long. He is such a big fan of Skechers that he equates them to flying first class. (Now if only first class could be obtained for the cost of a pair of new sneakers!)


The 2018 Skittles Super Bowl commercial has officially been released. With a caveat… Only one person has seen it. For this year’s advertising gimmick, Skittles is trying to generate a buzz by creating what they’re calling “the most exclusive Super Bowl ad ever.” That is, unless you happen to be Marcos Menendez from Canoga Park, CA.

They did air an 18-minute Facebook Live stream where we got to watch Menendez watching the Skittles commercial.

Watch it here:

Watch Marcos Menendez watch the Skittles Super Bowl ad

Was it a good idea to spend our entire marketing budget on an epic multi-million-dollar blockbuster Super Bowl commercial starring David Schwimmer, and then only ever show it to ONE SINGLE PERSON named Marcos Menendez? We really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hope so.

Posted by Skittles on Sunday, February 4, 2018

Here’s the Skittles Super Bowl teaser that aired in advance of the game:

Meanwhile, to drive up maximum excitement before the ad we didn’t get to see, Skittles asked actor David Schwimmer to help them make a bunch of teasers. And try on a lot of wigs.

Here are a few of our favorite Skittles Super Bowl commercial teasers:


The SoFi 2018 SuperBowl commercial was aimed at young professionals and post grads who need helping with their student loans.

Here’s “Get There Sooner,” the SoFi Super Bowl LII spot:


Just days before the kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday, Sprint announced that they would be back in the ad game! They used a very smart, and very creepy robot to explain why switching to Sprint should be a no=brainer.

Meet Evelyn – she was the star of the 2018 Sprint Super Bowl commercial.

Before the ad was released, Sprint had some Super Bowl teasers, introducing us to Evelyn.

Stella Artois

Stella used their 2018 Super Bowl commercial to promote a good cause and help raise funds for their $3.5 million pledge, together with, to bring clean drinking water to people around the developing world. The campaign is called “Buy a Lady a Drink.” And with hottie Matt Damon on board to help them spread the word, we think they’ll have no trouble reaching their goal! Maybe – we can help them surpass it!

Here’s the 2018 Stella Super Bowl commercial.


T-Mobile shared a touching (if a bit trite) Super Bowl commercial about diversity, equality and having your voice be heard. The 2018 T-Mobile commercial was called“Little Ones” and it starred some super, duper cute babies!


Tide came to the Super Bowl this year with a fun, creative idea. With David Harbour as frontman, the Tide Super Bowl commercials each spoofed all-time classic advertisements such as Budweiser commercials with Clydesdales, and the classic Old Spice commercial.

Here’s a conglomerate of all of the Tide Super Bowl LII commercials:

Tourism Australia

No one ever said that Australian’s don’t have a sense of humor! In honor of Super Bowl LII, the Australian Tourism board put together a promo for a fake movie – the newest Dundee film, starring Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBridge. Catch the trailer here, but don’t be fooled! There is no new Dundee movie.

Here’s the Tourism Australia Super Bowl commercial, tempting all of us to book flights – pronto!

Before that, we got to see this Tourism Australia Super Bowl teaser:


Toyota sat out last year, but they made up for lost time with three big Super Bowl LII commercials! The Toyota Super Bowl commercials highlighted the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics, which they are sponsoring.

Here is the first Toyota Super Bowl ad, Good Odds:

Here is the second Toyota Super Bowl commercial, Mobility Anthem:

Here is the third Toyota Super Bowl commercial, One Team:


Ahh taxes. They come every year, and it seems like a TurboTax Super Bowl ad does, too. I guess it makes sense, since Tax Day will be upon us before we know it! This year’s ad was terrifying – kinda like taxes. I am not sure if the blob under the bed made me feel any better about my looming taxes. But at least he tried.

Here’s “The Thing Under the Bed” – the 2018 TurboTax Super Bowl Commercial:

Turkish Airlines

In this year’s Super Bowl, Australia wasn’t the only country luring American tourists. Turkey, too, was encouraging us to fly their friendly skies and take a trip to their vast, beautiful country. The Turkish Airlines Super Bowl LII commercial appealed to all 5 senses, and starred Mr. Oz. If that isn’t enticing enough, their airfares might be. Turkish has remarkably affordable flights!


You know what’s more fun than watching the Super Bowl? Watching Super Bowl commercials! And what’s even more fun than that?! Going to Universal Studios  — with Peyton Manning! Just imagine what a blast that would be…

The 2018 Universal Parks Super Bowl commercial took us on a fun-filled trip to the famous amusement park!


Verizon kept details under wraps until Game Day, but they came through with a strong commercial called “Answering the Call.” The Verizon 2018 Super Bowl commercial that recalls how a first responder saved the lives of a family during one of the recent floods. They have a new website, called where they show gratitude to first responders.


WeatherTech has made Super Bowl commercials an annual tradition, and this year is no different. They aired their 5th consecutive WeatherTech Super Bowl ad and, as per tradition, the commercial highlights the fact that WeatherTech products are made by Americans, in America. There were no stunts in this year, but the ad does feature some cool timelapse photography!


In this year’s Wendy’s Super Bowl commercial, the burger joint isn’t mincing any words. The ad, called Iceberg, is all about knocking Mickey D’s and their ice cold, frozen beef. Will it make you switch to Wendy’s?

Yellow Tail

The second Yellow Tail Super Bowl commercial again starred Roo and the man in the yellow suit. This time, the man was in for one very special surprise party!

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