Coca-Cola Commercial 2018

Coca-Cola’s heartwarming advert celebrated our individuality, unique talents and the day to day life-happenings that make our journey remarkable, all with the tagline – The Wonder of Us. Each carefully-constructed image, combined with the spoken-word voice over from many voices, reminded us of our how we’re distinct from our surroundings, but also play an important part in the big picture.

The Coke Super Bowl commercial opened with a game of spin the bottle underway (of course, starring our signature glass Coke bottle) on a confetti dusted floor, sun streaked rays create a rainbow of prismed light, close up of funky nail designs opening Coke cans, a cyclist obscured by 100s of balloons rides down the street… Frame by frame we got color, color that stands separate from the canvas, but a kaleidoscope of beauty when taken in together. We were reminded of diversity, as well as our commonalities – and how Coke has just the drink to suit Us.

Check out the full Coke Super Bowl commercial here:

The Wonder of Us – By Coca-Cola

There’s a Coke for he, and she,
and her, and me, and them.
There’s a different Coke for all of us––
Especially one for him.

No feet have wandered where you’ve walked,
No eyes saw what you’ve seen.
No one’s lived the life you live,
No head has held your dreams.

To act the same would be mundane—
what a boring thing to do!
That’s why there is just one me
and a billion unique yous.

We all have different looks and loves,
likes and dislikes, too—
But there’s a Coke for we and us,
and there’s a Coke for you.

What about a Diet Coke Commercial?

Diet Coke also took the spotlight in a Super Bowl commercial this year! And it was their first time in 21 years!

The Diet Coke Super Bowl commercial was meant to highlight the new cans and new flavors of Diet Coke. The commercial promoted the tagline, “Because I Can” with a marketing message meant for millenials. Not sure why the model had to be so painfully skinny though…

Super Bowl ads experience:

Hall of Famer


Wieden + Kennedy (Coca-Cola)
Anomaly Los Angeles (Diet Coke)

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