The 11 Funniest Super Bowl 2017 Commercials

2017 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials

We might not be able to predict the Super Bowl score (especially after Sunday’s epic game!), but we can always count on the commercials to bring plenty of comedy to Game Day. Delivering laughs, chuckles and smiles… we’ve rounded up the funniest Super Bowl LI ads!

Here are the 11 funniest Super Bowl 2017 commercials:

1. Mr.Clean – “Cleaner of your Dreams”

Making his first ever Super Bowl appearance, Mr. Clean ensured that it was a memorable one. America’s #1 household cleaner and (now) sexy mascot had us in tears on Super Bowl Sunday with those tight pants, butt-shakes and down ‘n’ dirty dance moves. Not quite what we had expected from the 60-year-old brand, but we’re not complaining. Here’s what happened when Mr. Clean did it all over the house.

In 2016, Mr. Clean manufacturer’s Procter & Gamble launched a national search for a new squeaky-clean mascot. Though we had hoped the new Mr. Clean would be revealed during the Big Game, the winner is yet to be revealed. Here’s a funny scene from their Mr. Clean auditions.

2. TurboTax – “Humpty Dumpty”

According to AdAge, TurboTax racked up the second largest number of pre-game commercial views (15,243,865) falling a “mere” 7 million behind #1 Super Bowl viral commercial by (22,639,830). The tax returns company called on Wieden + Kennedy (Portland) creative to come up with this hilarious alternative to the classic Humpty Dumpty children’s nursery rhyme. It went something like…  Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall (doing his taxes on his mobile); Humpty Dumpty had a great fall; Some of the King’s horses (and the emergency services) tried to put Humpty together again… because you can!

Prior to the Big Game, TurboTax released Part #1 of their Humpty Dumpty story, filled with funny yolks! Here’s what happened when Humpty fell off the wall.

3. Tide – “No Stain Deserves Fame”

First, there was the hilarious “Joe Montana Miracle Stain” ad and now this – Tide knows how to get its Super Bowl sense of humor just right. After a four-year hiatus from the Big Game, Tide laundry detergent returned to the Big Game with a hilarious commercial starring former quarterback Terry Bradshaw, injured New England Patriot’s tight end Rob Gronkowski, and actor Jeffrey Tambor. The commercial ran with the tagline “No stain deserves fame,” and here’s what went down:

In a series of pre-game teasers, Tide ran with a story about “Gronk’s Cleaners.” After trying his luck at the local laundromat, Tambor was not amused with their cleaning services. From licking the jelly out to unheard of discounts and utterly out-of-the-ordinary solutions, at “Gronk’s” there’s a very special approach to cleaning clothes. But, there’s got to be a better way! In the Big Game, we find out that the way is in the comfort of your own home – with Tide.

Part I: Gronk’s Cleaners (ALT)

Part II: Gronk Kinda Gets It Out

4. Bai – “BaiBaiBai”

It could have been easy to miss the joke, especially if you were busy commiserating over the “apparent” loss of the New England Patriots during the second quarter commercial break. But Bai’s Super Bowl LI ad was a comic masterpiece. Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken share a heartfelt goodbye to the lyrics of NSync’s pop classic Bye, Bye, Bye! At least we now know how to pronounce Bai!

5. T-Mobile – “NSF Wireless”

Sorry, Beliebers, as much traffic as the “Unlimited Moves” commercial is getting, we’re not convinced it’s due to the funny-factor. T-Mobile, did, however, air three other commercials throughout Super Bowl LI. As well as Bieber, their all-star ads saw the likes of Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart and the brilliant Kristen Schaal featuring in the 50 Shades of Grey-inspired creative. Here’s what happened when Schaal calls Verizon customer service – where (according to T-mobile) they promise to punish you when you go over your data limit. 

6. Mercedes-Benz – “Easy Driver”

Next time you find yourself “blocked in,” you might hear this line ringing around in your head! Mercedes-Benz struck advertising gold with their “Easy Driver” Super Bowl LI commercial. The ad was directed by the Coen Brothers and stars Peter Fonda together with a bunch of burly bikers who get blocked in by a certain “Easy Rider.”

7. Kia – “Hero’s Journey”

Eco-warrior Melissa McCarthy hilariously tried to save the world in the 2017 Kia Super Bowl commercial. The ad promoted Kia’s eco-friendly 2017 Niro crossover, calling on McCarthy to save the whales, the trees, the icecaps…and beyond. Unfortunately, all of her missions end with her goodwill turning to pain. Thankfully, the Emmy-winning actress had the Niro to ease her journey as she travels from destination to destination.

8. Wix – “To Succeed In A Disruptive World”

To succeed in a disruptive world, you need’s easy-to-create websites. This was the message of the website builder’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial. Starring both Gal Gadot and Jason Statham, Wix produced an unforgettable mini-movie in honor of their third Super Bowl appearance. It’s got action, it’s got comedy and it’s got a stunning story to tell.

The story took on a new comic element in Part #2, as we witnessed Chef Felix’s restaurant-turned-food-truck transform into yet another small business after another unexpected turn of events.

9. It’s a 10 Haircare – “Bad Hair”

You probably didn’t see this one coming: “America, we’re in for at least four years of awful hair.” Yep, you do the math! It’s a 10 Haircare joined the Super Bowl LI ad roster for a first, and didn’t think twice about poking fun at the new President. From he-hair to your-hair and all-hair, here’s how to make America’s hair great again:

We are still waiting to see what Trump will Tweet about this one!

10. Wonderful Pistachios – “Ernie Gets Physical”

What do you call an elephant on a treadmill? Broken. OK, bad joke, but the ad was funny. Super Bowl third-timers, Wonderful Pistachios, called on their hilarious mascot Ernie the Elephant to star in his first Big Game ad. Breaking the mold, Ernie gets physical and heads to the gym for the occasion. The 15-second ad highlighted the health benefits of pistachios with a funny ending.

11. Buick – Big Game Commercial

Buick got in on the automotive advertising action at this year’s Super Bowl with a great commercial starring 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton and top-earning model Miranda Kerr. This one makes you genuinely laugh out loud, because what’s funnier than seeing NFL quarterbacks play “unfair” against small children? Sounds bad, but it’s true.

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