Previous Axe Campaigns

Axe may not have reached the ranks of hall-of-famers, but they sure aren’t rookies when it comes to the Super Bowl ad scene. Axe’s last appearance was during Super Bowl XLVIII (2014) when they aired a 60-second commercial called “Make Love, Not War.”

Here’s a glimpse of the ad:

Here’s the extended version of the same ad:

The commercial, though deemed sexist by some critics, was meant to spread a “message of peace” between men and women. The 2014 Axe Super Bowl commercial was inspired by the success of their debut Super Bowl commercial from 2013. For their sophomore Super Bowl gig, instead of using a “Lifeguard Astronaut” to convey their message, they focused on the topic of war and peace.  

Catch the Axe Super Bowl XLVII (2013) debut ad called “Lifeguard Astronaut”

Will the Axe 2016 Super Bowl commercial be as good as the previous ones? Looks like we’ll just have to start embracing our individuality til the kick-off at Levi’s Stadium.