Yellow Tail Commercial 2017

Technically speaking, Anheuser-Busch’s holds exclusive alcohol advertising rights at the Super Bowl, but this year Yellow Tail wine totally came through in finding a way to get their message across to the Super-sized Super Bowl crowds!

How did they do it?

Yellow Tail made a buy for Super Bowl commercial time in 70 US markets, targeting 85% of the total American Super Bowl viewership. Pretty bad-ass in our opinion.

It took them two years of work to eek their way into the Super Bowl playing field. Sunday was, in fact, the first time in four decades that a wine brand advertised at the game. 

So what did Yellow Tail have in store for their Super Bowl Commercial debut?

Their random yellow suit Aussie guy struck again, this time serving up a glass of Yellow Tail’s finest Chardonnay (we think?) to model Ellie Gonsalves while she pet Roo, the super cool mascot kangaroo. Um, okay…

In brief, thanks to Yellow Tail, the Big Game got a bit classier. Wine and the NFL? Why not!

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