Wendy’s Commercial 2017

Welcoming a new Rookie on board! Wendy’s want’s a slice of the Super Bowl LI pie – and, it certainly won’t be a frozen slice.

The American fast food chain has made a buy for a 30-second commercial that will air during the first half of the Big Game. The ad will carry their long-term message that Wendy’s uses “fresh, never frozen” beef for their hamburgers. If, however you did want some frozen goods, you could always head over to the Other-Guyz, LLC for some Freezy Disks!

Here’s what happens in their “Cold Storage” commercial. According to Wendy’s, this is what the “Other-Guyz” don’t want you to see.

Freezy Diskz from Othr-Guyz LLC

Frozen beef patties have been taken to a whole new level of functionality, thanks to the stone-cold innovation of Othr-Guyz LLC! Want to know more? You can head to othr-guyz.com. (Warning! They’ve got a really, really bad website – perhaps Other-Guyz should take a leaf out of Wix.com’s book and build a stunning one in its place!)

“Where’s the Beef?”

If you’re a Millennial, you might be familiar with Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” catchy tagline that’s been used in the chain’s commercials for over 30 years. Now, everybody says together…

The story continues with everybody’s favorite old lady from the 80s, Clara Peller, driving recklessly in her mad search for “The Beef!”

Bringing back the slogan with a modern twist, today’s Wendy’s commercials ask: “Where’s the Beef (From?)”shining a spotlight on fresh and local produce. We’re still a fan of Clara though!

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