Previous WeatherTech Campaigns

WeatherTech has run ads in the last three Super Bowls. In all three ads, the company has gone the patriotic route – emphasizing the fact that their products are Made in the USA! This angle worked well for them in 2014 and 2015 and they highlighted it again in their 2016 Super Bowl ad. If we had to guess, we would predict a similar theme in the WeatherTech Super Bowl LI commercial.

Check out the 2016 WeatherTech Super Bowl commercial, called “Resources:”

2015 WeatherTech Super Bowl commercial

In 2015, WeatherTech’s 30-second Super Bowl commercial came with the straightforward tagline, “WeatherTech floor liners, proudly made in America.” The company used the ad to explain their product very clearly. The company chose to feature their own employees in the 2015 ad.

2014 WeatherTech Super Bowl Ad

The company’s previous Super Bowl commercial, in 2014, was called “You Can’t Do That.” It was a huge hit with audiences across America. A relatively simple 30-second spot that aired during the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVIII, the ad sent a clear message that WeatherTech is committed to manufacturing their products on American soil.

Produced by “little guy” ad agency, Pinnacle Advertising, the ad boosted sales both for WeatherTech and for Pinnacle.