WeatherTech Commercial 2017

When WeatherTech aired its first-ever Super Bowl commercial in 2014, they went from being a little-known company to virtually a household name. Car floor mats might not seem like the most obvious product to advertise before more than 100 million people, but most of those people do have cars — so maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all!

I guess, then, that it should come as no surprise that WeatherTech was back for a fourth consecutive year! The most famous of floor-mat companies aired their 30-second commercial during the first quarter of the game. This year’s WeatherTech commercial was a bit more adventurous and exciting than their previous stints.

It began with a man swerving to avoid a pile of rocks. Then, we met a super hero (who looks mysteriously like Gal Gadot in the Wix Super Bowl commercial) and we watched her on her mission to save the man from an encroaching emergency.

While the ad was more exciting than their recent Super Bowl commercials, it does still send the same patriotic message: WeatherTech is “Made in America.” The Illinois-based company prides itself on making products that are manufactured in the USA, by Americans with American materials.

Their teaser, released on Feb 1, revealed the theme of this year’s commercial – showing the world how far they go to create the best!

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