TurboTax Commercial 2017

TurboTax is coming back to the Super Bowl for a fourth performance.

In the wake of the championship title games, TurboTax has released its first Super Bowl 2017 commercial teaser starring the world’s best-known “off-the-wall” egg, Humpty Dumpty. Yes, that’s right, the notorious nursery-rhyme character features in a comic 45-second ad that promotes TurboTax’s easy-to-use online tax filing service, now, from the palm of your hand.

The commercial, which was created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland and directed Ivan Zachariáš, is the first in a 3-part series. The second part will be unveiled in the Big Game and the final spot will come out only after the Super Bowl.

Watch the TurboTax 2017 Big Game Commercial

Humpty Dumpty is unimpressed with the Kings Men who did try to put him together again. After he fell off a wall. Doing his taxes. Why? Because you can! Thankfully Dumpty is able to call on some more reliable help to assist with his taxes.

Here’s what happens when Humpty Dumpty tries to do his taxes on a wall…

TurboTax released pre-game teaser

Prior to the game, TurboTax released this teaser clip online that sets up the story of how Dumpty ended up in the hospital. It’s a cracker. 

In addition to the TurboTax Super Bowl LI commercial, the tax experts also aired ads during five NFL and college football games. To help them spread the word, they have enlisted the help of many celebrities including Kathy Bates, DJ Khaled, David Ortiz and Karla Souza.

Here’s a sneak-peek at the ad that stars DJ Khaled – working very hard as he files as his taxes!

Super Bowl ads experience

Fourth Timers


Wieden & Kennedy

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