Previous T-Mobile Campaigns

T-Mobile has advertised in the Super Bowl 5 times and each year their ads get better!

The 2016 T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

Last year, we saw them twice during the Big Game on February 7th. The first commercial starred Drake and his “Hotline Bling.” The ad made fun of other carriers for all the restrictions and rules they impose on their customers.  

Here’s the extended cut of Restricted Bling:

Their second Super Bowl 50 commercial starred Steve Harvey – and the color magenta.

Watch T-Mobile’s 2nd Super Bowl commercial called “Drop the Balls:”

The 2015 T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercials

In Super Bowl XLIX, T-Mobile went big on their Super Bowl ad buy, with 2 spots and a deep roster that included the one and only Kim Kardashian plus Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler.

The opening commercial of the big day was Kim Kardashian. It was a humorous play on a public service announcement and we can’t help but join along in laughter as Kim mocks herself. #KimDataStash

Comedians Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler battle it out in the second T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial from 2015.

The 2014 T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercials

The previous year, in honor of Super Bowl XLVIII, T-Mobile provider purchased three spots in the Big Game. Two of the spots starred Tim Tebow and played off the fact that he had “no contract.” The message: If you switch to T-Mobile, they’ll buy you out of your contract. Not a bad deal!

Here’s Tebow again enjoying the freedom of contract-free life!

The 2008 T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

Back in 2008, T-Mobile aired this Super Bowl XLII commercial, starring Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkley.

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