Snickers Commercial 2017

Snickers will once again be tempting us in Super Bowl LI!

Candymaker Mars has announced that they will be back for the 2017 Super Bowl with a Big Game commercial that again builds upon the theme of “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

This year, to help them spread the message that a Snickers bar really is the best snack to reach for when you’re hungry, they’ve asked for a helping hand from actor Adam Driver! (Depending on your style, you may know him as Kylo Ren from Star Wars or as Adam Sackler from the HBO sensation, Girls.) But did you know that following September 11, the NY native joined the marines and served for nearly three years?

Excited about Super Bowl LI?

Can’t wait to watch all those commercials? In the meantime, as you munch away your nervous jitters, you can decide if you prefer to take your calories from #TeamSkittles or #TeamSnickers.

What did Snickers do for Super Bowl 50?

Last year’s Super Bowl commercial starred Willem Dafoe as a very sexy, high-heeled Marilyn Monroe.

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