Previous Skittles Campaigns

Last year was the second time that Skittles advertised in the Big Game. Their 2016 Super Bowl commercial starred mega-rocker Steven Tyler, although he didn’t nosh on any Skittles during the ad. Instead, he went head to head in a sing-off with his own self-portrait, which, by the way, was made entirely from the rainbow-colored candies. That’s right, in addition to being one of our favorite junk foods, Skittles can make for some beautiful fine art!

Watch the Skittles 2016 Super Bowl commercial here and decide for yourself, who sang it better: Steven or Skittles Steven?

Just curious…how many Skittles do you think he could eat at once?! 

What did Skittles do for their 2015 Super Bowl Commercial?

Skittles made their debut Super Bowl performance in 2015, with the strange epic tale of a town that is a bit too obsessed with arm wrestling. In the ad, two men enjoyed a bowl of Skittles and then “settled it” with an old fashioned arm wrestle to determine who would get to eat the final yellow candy. Weird but memorable, we guess it worked since they came back for more in Super Bowl 50 and Super Bowl LI!

Skittles and Marshawn Lynch

Even though Skittles didn’t officially advertise in the 2014 game, you might argue that they won the Super Bowl commercial contest anyway. How exactly? Thanks to Seattle Seahawks star, Marshawn Lynch. This famous Skittles fan was caught munching on the colorful candies, which resulted in free media attention estimated to be worth up to $5 million. Imagine how many Skittles you could buy with $5 million!