Mountain Dew Commercial 2016

For the first time since 2000, Mountain Dew came to the Super Bowl! After 16 years of planning an unforgettable comeback, Mtn Dew made us all laugh in honor of the BIG Game 5-0.

The ad itself didn’t feature the traditional day-glo green Mountain Dew. Rather, it highlighted their energy drink Kickstart. And it did so in a wacky, silly ad called “#PuppyMonkeyBaby.” The ad was meant to show that even the strangest combos are awesome. You know, like “dew, juice and caffeine” or puppies, monkeys and babies.

Watch it a few times – it keeps getting better!

Teaser Alert: What’s With the Monkey?

In the attempt to build hype and an air of mystery around their Super Bowl ad, Mountain Dew released three Super Bowl commercial teasers before they revealed the ad itself. In the first one, we saw a baby in a swing and a monkey wearing a watch. In the background, there was a football game on TV. The only insight about what this ad could have meant were the words on the upper corner of the ad: “Three awesome things combined.”

Click on the words and see a picture of Kickstart’s new flavors alongside the words:”Dew. Juice. Caffeine.”

The monkey returned in the second teaser ad, but this time he was all about playing with the baby’s rattles.

Moving into a different realm, Mountain Dew chose a cute pug to star in their third teaser. But what was he trying to tell us with those ape-like hands of his?

Playing the field – and not just football….

Not restricting themselves to the football crowd, Mountain Dew is also advertising Kickstart as part of their new NBA sponsorship. Look out for ads like this one, featuring NBA star Russell Westbrook.

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