Lexus Commercial 2017

Lexus has lifted the hood on it’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial! The luxury automaker has announced that it will return for a third year to the Big Game with a prime ad spot featuring British actress Minnie Driver – the brand’s new voice.  

Lexus is the fourth auto brand to be added to the Super Bowl commercial roster along with Kia, Honda, and Audi.

So far, we know that the Super Bowl commercial will shine a spotlight on the all-new Lexus LS and LC. Lexus Group VP and General Manager, Jeff Bracken, announced there will be a “few surprises” too. If their sleek 2018 Lexus LS 500 reveal video is anything to go by, we’re ready!

In 2015, Lexus was the first Super Bowl XLIX advertiser to release its commercial, and just before kickoff. They also bought another 30-second ad, one of the last available spots. The ad was a fairly traditional car commercial, centering on the auto itself rather than on a gimmick (like a Budweiser puppy),  a celebrity, a panda, or a hilarious storyline. The slogan of the ad was: “Be seen. Be heard. Make some noise.”

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