Dustin Hoffman Tells Jack Black: Start With A Stunning Wix Website

Wix.com and Kung Fu Panda 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

We’ve already heard about their revolutionary partnership with DreamWorks, but today we’ve finally caught a sneak-preview of what the Wix Super Bowl 2016 commercial has in store! The web design company, now playing on the Big Game turf for the second year in a row, is using Po (played by Jack Black) to remind businesses everywhere how important it is to build a website. (That is, if they want customers!)

The First Teaser of Super Bowl 50!

In Wix’s 20-second teaser released today, the famous Kung Fu panda is busy trying to promote his father’s noodle shop. While he is ready to use any means necessary (including riding around on the back of fireworks) to spread the word about Mr. Ping’s famous noodles, Master Shifu (played by Dustin Hoffman) kindly reminds the brave but goofy Po that what he needs to do first is create a stunning website.

To emphasize the design advantages offered by the Wix platform, the company has chosen the hashtag #StartStunning to carry them through their Super Bowl 50 campaign. The message is clear: Wix makes it easy to create beautiful websites.

In addition to the teaser the website builder released online, they’ve also created a new hub site dedicated just to their Super Bowl campaign. On the interactive website, you can take a look at Mr. Ping’s very own noodle shop website, take a fun career quiz and watch videos about Wix and Kung Fu Panda. Plus – they promise that more is coming soon!

Wix Super Bowl commercial 2016 screenshot

This latest release cooked up by Wix and DreamWorks looks as fantastic as a warm bowl of noodle soup on a cold winter evening. And suddenly, we don’t know which we’re more anxious to see: The 2016 Wix Super Bowl ad or the new Kung Fu Panda movie!