You Can Do THAT With A Mat? 3 Creative Ideas For WeatherTech Floor Mat (In Honor of SB50)

WeatherTech super bowl commercial 2016

WeatherTech auto accessories maker hires Pinnacle Ad agency for the brand’s third Game Day appearance! And they’ve got us doing a whole lot with our new floor mats…

In the midst of all the Super Bowl hustle and bustle, there is one brand on the radar that has particularly sparked our attention. Believe it or not, it’s WeatherTech – those All-American makers of car mats and auto accessories. The brand, who spends most of the year out of the spotlight, is back on the radar again.

Why? They have officially claimed their next 30-seconds of fame with a new ad spot for Super Bowl 50.

In honor of WeatherTech announcing its 3rd participation in the big 5-0, here are 3 fun ways to get into Game Day spirit with the company’s customized floor mats:

So, what can we do with these highly sophisticated, all American-made mats, you ask?

1. Turn it into a work of art!

There’s no better way to get into the Super Bowl 50 spirit than by spray painting your favorite team’s logo on your WeatherTech mat and hanging it up on the wall, on your door or pretty much just anywhere. Or since, you can customize your WeatherTech mat, why not turn it into a custom welcome mat for your home?

WeatherTech super bowl commercial 2016

2. Use it to do yoga!

What better way to energize your daily sun salutation or get pumping with that new Jillian Michael’s workout video? Do it on a WeatherTech floor mat!

WeatherTech super bowl commercial 50 2016

3. Add it to your Super Bowl 50 essentials collection!

You know that new LG flat screen tv you just purchased or that collection of Bud Light beers cans with your favorite team’s logo printed on them? There’s no better reason to invest in a WeatherTech floor mat than to simply add it to your Super Bowl 50 souvenir collection. Spread out your car mat in your living room and artfully arrange your Super Bowl 50 paraphernalia right on top!

In fact, we even think you can even use the mats as part of the decor when you throw your knockout Super Bowl party.

WeatherTech_Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Curious what WeatherTech Has Done in the Past?

If you were expecting a rundown, here it is:

WeatherTech’s Super Bowl 2015 ad, “America At Work,” hit home with its touching, patriotic story of its all American-manufactured brand.

Their 2014 debut commercial, “You Can’t Do That,” introduced the idea of its all American-made concept in a “Made in America” message for the crowd.

Who would have thought that this “technologically advanced universal trim-to-fit mat” brand would become a Super Bowl advertising regular? It sure came as a surprise to us, considering, well….they’re just floor mats.