Wall Street Journal Meets ESPN: SunTrust And TurboTax Announce Super Bowl Ad Spots

SunTrust and TurboTax Superbowl commercials 2016

Two Financial Services. One Big Game.

What do Atlanta-based SunTrust Banks and TurboTax have in common? They both purchased 2016 Super Bowl commercials and they’ve got one shared mission–to go big–or go home happy!

The Commercial That Will Soothe Your Financial Stress…(No. It’s not for medical marijuana)

As one of the leading financial bank services in the nation, SunTrust has announced that they’re ready to get the word out in their very first Big Game ad. The SunTrust Super Bowl commercial will take 30 seconds of precious air time to soothe the stress that most consumers experience around handling their finances.

The company is launching the ad with the goal to help “Americans talk openly about money and take steps towards financial confidence.” They are also running a longer 60-second ad online to offer people an open space to discuss, confront and address the nation’s significant social concerns and to provide “tools, tips and ideas” to help the public overcome their financial struggles.

CCO Sue Mallino states that their ad is more about “addressing a national concern” than about promoting their product. It’s set to be more “optimistic in nature” and will be used as a means to inform the audience of the importance of the company’s message and bring it to the nation’s attention.

Go Big or Go Turbo…

While SunTrust seems to be kicking off their Super Bowl career on a serious note, TurboTax has chosen to take a more playful, comedic route. Their ad campaign will play along with the theme, “It doesn’t take a genius to do your taxes.” Their 2016 TurboTax Super Bowl commercial marks their third consecutive performance in the Big Game.

Let the Teasing Begin

In classic Big Game spirit, TurboTax is already teasing us! Long before kickoff on February 7th, the company is releasing seven (yes, 7!) teaser ads, each featuring a “genius” explaining how easy it is to use TurboTax.

According to Greg Johnson, Senior VP of Marketing at Intuit (who owns TurboTax), the commercials show how much of an “effortless, highly personalized and playful experience” TurboTax delivers to its consumers. And what’s more – it costs #Absolute0 to watch their Super Bowl teaser ads on our site! (No pun intended).

Check out one of their ads on Twitter:

What’s the Catch?

SunTrust and TurboTax are not the only financial institutions spending big bucks to secure air time during the Big Game this year. They will be joined by rookies, PayPal. Slightly ironic that three financial companies have already decided to buy some airtime for Super Bowl 2016?  Well, if TurboTax can really make it that easy to get our taxes done and we get a little bit of financial aid from SunTrust, we’ll definitely be going home happy, regardless of which team wins.

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