Will Christoph Waltz Star In A SB50 Clash of Clans Ad? Here’s the Buzz…

Christoph Waltz's Clash of Clans TV Commercial

Finnish mobile game developer, Supercell, predicted to make a groundbreaking return to Super Bowl 50 with new Clash of Clans commercial!

Or is the company’s latest commercial simply be a teaser? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see what they have in store for the Big Game…

Everyone Loves a Teaser!

Whether you’ve played it online, or have enjoyed the game on IOS and Android, you’ve probably heard the buzz around Supercell’s favorite mobile game – Clash of Clans. What’s more, if you were paying attention last year, you must have heard about their awesome Super Bowl 2015 ad starring Liam Neeson! As they wrote on BusinessInsider.com, “Neeson just transformed what could have been an ordinary mobile game ad into a Super Bowl great.”

Now, with less than 50 days until Super Bowl 50, the company released a new ad called Clash of Clans: Legend of the Last Lava Pup, and, given their track record for kick-ass ads, they’ve got us antsy in anticipation. Is this killer commercial a prelude to Super Bowl 50 glory, or are they just teasing us? 

The commercial gets into the story of the game’s history, with Christoph Waltz enchanting viewers as he spins a fascinating epic tale about a Clan War attack between the BarbariaNParty and the Die Unsterblich. James Corden, the acclaimed Late Night host, plays a child waiting to hear the bedtime story as Waltz takes a seat next to him and begins to narrate.

The storyline reaches its peak with the survival of a Lava Pup who was put to the challenge in defeating its enemies. Some fireballs and several destroyed Town Halls later, Lava Pup manages to become a hero, and we are starting to think Supercell is trying every-so-subtly to tell us that they’re ready to give it another go with an ad in Super Bowl 50.

This 2 minute and 48 second long commercial has set the standards high for other companies in the mobile gaming industry, and has already generated over 7 million views!

But Nothing Beats a SB Debut…

Clash of Clans rocked the Super Bowl with their breakout spot last year, featuring Liam Neeson and his brilliant Taken alter-ego in the Revenge commercial. Neeson has sure given “AngryNeeson52” a whole new meaning, and has transformed what could have been a very ordinary mobile game, into the most talked about game of the year!

The ad racked up a whopping 91+ million views and Supercell enjoyed a corresponding (and significant) increase in the number of users that tried out their game. And this, after all, is the reason that brands advertise in the Super Bowl.

So, is the New Supercell Rumor a Big SB Hoax?

Well, we sure hope it isn’t! In the meantime we’ll just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Otherwise, in the words of Neeson, we will have our revenge!

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